Helix (2)

Helix (2)

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Helix is a leading provider of high performance electric motors. Design Inc rebranded the company from the formerly-named Integral Powertrain in 2022. This branding work and our ongoing support includes written and visual social media content.

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The brief

In order to portray a consistent image across the social channels, whilst enabling different levels of message and audience-tailoring, we were asked to provide a template toolkit to include post types including: product range, project announcement, application sectors, geographical markets, team interviews and expo participation etc.

The post template designs were to be formatted for Linked In, Facebook, Twitter (now X) and Instagram. In addition to the post text that would be provided by our copywriter – the visual may be static, animated frames or video footage.

Helix mobile site
Helix text
Helix image

The approach

Building on the template style developed for the rebrand, we adopted a hierarchical approach to the task of designing a rulebook for flexible style consistency across a range of content and message types.

Some of the corporate content – like the motor product range post visuals are naturally more defined, whilst some of the more conceptual campaign content is less constricted with only the brand call to action and colour ways providing the brand identification.

Helix social content
helix examples

The outcome

As you can see from the in-situ examples here, a consistent look and feel now pervades across the majority of the Helix social content – only 3rd party posts break up the flow. This fusion works well of course as social channels are a shared space for exchanges of ideas, information and dialogue.

Helix social content speaks with a flexible brand tone of voice, from technical to conversational and creative, depending upon the forum, but is now able to build recognition among diverse audiences.

Design Inc provides copy and visual content for Helix to schedule in HubSpot social media scheduling software.

Helix social media
Helix content

The reaction

“Design Inc has given us a structured personality for our social content. Where there was too much variety in the past, there is now considered consistency and a flexible framework for both creativity and brandbuilding across our social channels.”

SJ, Head of Marketing, Helix