Top tips for excellent explainer videos

Top tips for excellent explainer videos

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Explainer videos are used to engage potential customers and familiarise them with your products, services and solutions. They are easy to do so long as you apply the correct strategy.

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Creative video production

Currently, there isn’t a better medium than video to increase web traffic, client engagement & sales conversions.
Not only do the low costs & availability of video editing software make video content a more accessible marketing solution but it has a dramatic influence on your search engine ranking.

So, for when companies are looking to add a SEO-enhancing video to their website, the simplest solution to promote their product, service, solution or process is often through the production of an explainer video.

Ideally, explainer videos last from 30 seconds to 90 seconds and are used to engage potential customers and familiarise them with your business and to get them on the path to a sale. And, as the explainer video often sits as the first content asset on your website’s home page – and therefore, the first thing your visitors will experience – it is crucial to get it right first time.

Here are our 8 tips to get the most out of your explainer video production.

1. Establish the brief
Ensure you (and anyone else working on the explainer video) has a clear understanding of what you want. This needs to cover:
– Which features of the business do you need to focus on. What are the pain points? And how does your solution address those?
– What style of video do you prefer (if any)? Animation? Presentation? Whiteboard style? Live action?
– Who are the audience(s)?
– What are the goals?
– What is the CTA (call to arms)? – what do you want people to do after seeing it?
– where will the video be shown

2. Ensure a strong script
A well written script is the key to a successful explainer video. Although we would always recommend you use a good copywriter, the text needs to be short, simple, factual and engaging. So, think about how it sounds / reads to the listener. Would they understanding it, like it, remember it?
If the text is being spoken over the video, test the timing yourself and allow for pauses – you will be surprised at how fast the time goes. We would advise to keep it to 120-150 words per minute and remember, the less you say, the more likely people will remember & understand it.

3. Focus on the benefits
You do not have time to describe in detail all the individual features of your solution but, by all means, include the core ones. The general rule of thumb however, is to focus more on how your solution benefits the customer.

4. Make it stand out
You want your customers to engage with the video so make it memorable and not boring. It can be humorous, wacky, or weird , whatever makes it stand out. So, have fun in the creation of the video.

5. Graphics are key
Whilst the message of the video will help resonate with your audience, don’t forget to ensure the graphics support that message and illustrate the story. But remember, explainer videos work best when the style is simple.

6. Use a voice
Just as the graphics, story and style of the video will all work together, don’t underestimate the power of a voiceover to get the message across. And, employing the services of a professional voiceover artist will pay dividends.
And of course, to back up the voiceover you may wish to consider subtitles too.

7. Add audio
Great music can add strength and emotion to a video. Whether a song or just mood music is playing in the background, this with help bring the video to life. Moreover, if the animation would benefit from sound effects to emphasis a point, feel free to make use of that too, there are many online, royalty-free sound effect libraries available, for example Premium Beat or YouTube

8. Plan for the launch
So, the video is has been made, the voiceover added and the files supplied to you. But what are you going to do next? This is where you need a plan.
In our opinion, at the bare minimum, you should:
a) select a video host. For example YouTube or Vimeo, for example, but there are many others
b) add it to your website. Your web designers will be able to do that and integrate within the page style
c) promote it to your customers. Leverage this through your existing marketing assets – your blog, social media channels, your eSignature, etc.

Of course, you do not have to do it all yourself. Contact a creative agency and ask them if they provide explainer video production services. Inevitably, they will be happy to discuss the options with you and help you on your way.

Check out these five types of explainer video.

1. PRESENTER – TripCase Travel App
This utilises a human presenter within a green screen studio setting overlaid onto background footage to make it appears as though she is walking through the airport to promote the travel app.

2. 2D ANIMATION – Residoo
This video utilises a 2D animation with both voiceover and subtitles. The animated graphics complemnt the message to help promote this community-based delivery solution.

3. WHITEBOARD – Elevations Credit Union
This is a whiteboard animation video which is created to make it appear as through the background graphics are being drawn as you move through the story. The background graphics are static and it is the ‘drawing’ of the graphics that add the movement.

This video uses a combination of real-life presenter and animated graphics. The graphics directly mirror the presenter’s description of this new financial invoicing solution.

5. 3D ANIMATION – GE Digital
This is a 3D animation video used to showcase 3D environments which are not as simple (or cost effective) to depict using live footage.