Developing the brand name: a targeted approach

Developing the brand name: a targeted approach

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A company or product name is a powerful asset. Many household brand names evoke strong feelings, connections and loyalty in users. A branding agency can develop an effective identity which includes the name, descriptor, positioning statement, purpose and messaging.

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As with all brand name projects, any successful outcome requires a combination of strategy, process, insight, creativity and communication. And that’s what a good branding agency offer.

So when an organisation is looking for the right brand name for their company, product or service, a branding agency can ensure a joined up approach to deliver a name with the right credentials. One which differentiates their IP, plays on their existing brand values and one which elicits the right response in the consumer.

What a branding agency brings to the table
Of course, establishing a brand name for your company, product or solution could be as simple as picking a random word out of the dictionary or a made up name conjured out of thin air. It can take seconds to do and costs nothing.
However…, that approach has been proven time and again to be eclectic, weak in marketing terms and it usually will have no associated brand connections that are meaningful to your customers. As such, the DIY approach often falls flat without resulting in a name that adds value to your proposition.

Engaging a brand agency brings an objective and agnostic approach to any brand naming task. Reaction to names is a very personal process, as we all have unique memories and associations so a professional, detached outlook is advantageous. When the reaction to a name is the same or similar in many individuals then you have turned something intangible into a real asset.

Brand values
Investing in your brand is crucial if you want your business, service or product to be unique in a crowded market place.

A brand is a personality that defines a product or service. The personality is made up of traits or ‘brand values’.
A brand’s values are the defined set of guiding principles that shape every aspect of your business. They are placed at the core of your brand and service to dictate your message, look and personality. They affect the actions you take and also the choices you make and are the main reason customers will connect with you over the competition.
And, at the heart of it all is the brand name!

Creating the shortlist
Establishing a brand name require clear & strategic processes to deliver a shortlist

The brand naming process – seeing through the clutter
Many of our clients value not only the creativity of a structured brand naming process, but find that our discipline and focus help them decide on a final selection.
When they are so emotionally invested and so full of belief in the company, that when it comes to these tasks, often they really can’t see the wood for trees.
The fact is that there are a gazillion possible brand names out there. So how can we narrow that down to the chosen one?
Design Inc works to a key process that helps both narrow the field and keep the naming project always on track, moving forward towards the goal.

Based on initial insight and investigation, we can establish and share the core brand values of the company, product or service. Our branding team will investigate & compile a long-list of appropriate names, categorised within some clearly-defined ‘routes’.

From here, this will be further narrowed down through a shortlisting process and presented to the client for feedback. In many cases, all the short-listed names proposed would be fit for purpose but, to help the decision making, we also supply a rationale behind the selection of the proposed names.

Design Inc brand naming services
When embarking on a brand naming project, Design Incorporated are happy to offer three distinct levels of support:

Naming audit   
A brand naming audit provides insight, advice & consultancy relating to the existing, or sometimes proposed company name. This would be in document form relating to suitability, positioning, pros & cons, brand value, competition, domain name availability etc.

Naming: Lite   
This Lite Service is ideal for start-ups. It is underpinned by our consultants’ expertise and a concise but proven two elements process
1) The Strategic Naming ‘brief’ which results in the selection of 4 short-listed naming approaches or ‘routes’ for investigation.
2)The creation of a concise report containing the proposed short-listed names created though each approach. These will have been scored and ranked against agreed criteria.

Naming: Full Process   
Our Full Naming Process provides a detailed naming brief and the selection of 6 strategic / creative approaches to be shared and agreed. This broader scope enables the insight stage to be followed by a deeper and more rigorous period of creative investigation work.
We will create and share the naming document which contains long-listed and short-listed names (along with underlying rationale) that have been scored and ranked against more detailed agreed criteria.
Furthermore, where necessary, we can also supply a list of possible, available domain names to complement each shortlisted name.

The full naming process is suited to an existing business that is going through change. Where there may be equity in the current a name that has to also considered, or in the cases of a merger etc. to optimise the way forward based on available and / or new nomenclature assets.

Naming & Brand Identity 
For many clients, the brand name is only part of the branding requirement. A brand identity is also required.
Following the establishment of the shortlisted name, we will also design a brand logo to work with each name type and help you in your selection process.
Following presentation, and your feedback, we will continue to develop the brand logo til completion.Finally, we will set up and supply the new brand identity in all the relevant file formats.

Additional brand naming services
Domain name search & purchase
Copyright protection – there are a number of options here.
Brand naming workshop

Complementary brand design services
Brand Identity Development – creative visualisation of the brand personality
Full Brand/Rebrand – includes: identity, colour palettes, graphics, templates, imagery etc.

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