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What is social media, and what are the benefits?

3rd December 2009


The power of social media cannot be ignored. More and more it’s becoming crucial to create a social network to build awareness about you and your company and engage with your present and potential customers.

Services, products and expert opinion within your organisation should be showcased as widely as possible and promoted by strategic use of the main social media cornerstones such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and blogging. Doing so will create a powerful and integrated cross media campaign message, which in turn will have both SEO & PR benefits in this new ‘Attention Age’.

Social media marketing can be used for:

• Announcing a new service or special offer

• Addressing media related issues regarding you or your company

• Strengthening your brand and raising your profile

• Promoting new advertising campaigns online or offline

• Launching your new logo and brand identity/strategy

• Guiding your network to your newly designed website

• Support a new direct mail and email marketing campaign message

Social Internet Marketing you can do:

• Answering questions within LinkedIn will raise your profile as an expert in your/your companies field

• Ensuring your LinkedIn profile is 100% full of informative and ‘keyword rich’ content

• Enter regular company/industry comment in your blog, link that to Twitter and sign up for alerts. A great way of getting free advertising on the web

• Always quickly respond to comments posted within your blog

• Create an ‘entertaining/viral’ presentation by yourself and post it on YouTube, and then promote/share it through your network

This is the least any company/individual should be doing as part of their internet marketing strategy, and should you need any assistance with any aspect of social media management, you know where we are!