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The lie of the land

4th December 2009


The science of experience
Whilst every brand is unique, navigation of the market landscape in which a company operates will always benefit from familiarisation. Picture for a moment the rallying co-driver shouting instructions to their driver so that he can concentrate on driving – what they do best, according to what’s around the next corner. And not having to look at the map!

Working with an agency that has driven the course before has many benefits. No nasty surprises. No schoolboy errors. No time wasted on duplicated briefing. The agency adds value in terms of experience – what works, what doesn’t in that specific market.

These learnings are applied to the strategy, the creative as well as the delivery and measurement mechanisms of a project. Allowing greater focus and genuine innovation within the experience-based parameters of what will work and what won’t or can’t.

Our portfolio pages now group together some of our main market specialisations: