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Fast food restaurant interior design

17th October 2014


Design Inc has been approached by a major US fast food chain famous for its youth-appeal, unique recipe and freshness to develop the in-restaurant graphics to appeal to women and to complement the new restaurant interior design that are based on architectural sustainability. The brand has a vibrant and youthful personality and strong Americana heritage. This combined with the freshly prepared food has proven a success on a worldwide level.

Our pitch work has included development of specific design solutions for problem areas with the existing graphics in the restaurants as well the more far-reaching re-invigoration of threads in the brand weave. As part of our work we have introduced ‘share’ and ‘soul’ into the mix as ways of connecting with female customers. Making a connection from social media sharing to meal sharing and taking the existing soulfulness of the brand into the richly iconographic domain of the female soul singer and adding street dance into the mix.

The proposals are under review by the US head office and UK based EMEA brand teams.

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