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Branded company presentations

17th October 2014


Branded company presentations – The point of power

Ever spent time organising your branded company presentations or credentials only to always end up reorganising them to tailor them to a particular prospect or proposal? Of course, we all have. But, here’s a question. Do you opt for a broad ranging deck of company presentation slides from which you can select to build a presentation that to covers every eventuality or a customised movie that is all together slicker and positions you point of difference, your approach and dynamism in a more engaging and convincing way?
In reality a bit of both is shown to be the best approach, if you can also include a bit of interaction by your audience – then you have all three boxes ticked. Style, content and engagement. Branded company presentations – sorted!

Another trick is to ensure your sales team gains ownership of the assets used in presentations. We have all met the super salesman who ‘doesn’t need any sales aids’ and the techy bod who insists in using comical clip art to make his point.  The corporate brand should be the glue that binds the presentation together. The toolkit should include ready-made branding elements, templates for personalised slides, an overview movie that acts as a metaphor and an interactive exercise that again reinforces the way you would work with your prospect.

Discipline needs to be applied to the building of  PowerPoint or other branded company presentations. Vary the pace, draw in the audience, allow flexibility for discussion and ensure that the rhetoric leads everyone in the room to draw the same conclusion.

Our services included solutions for:
  PowerPoint presentations
  Corporate and shareholder briefings
  Animated company presentations
  Induction company presentations
  Sales briefings

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