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Making Email and Direct Marketing Campaigns Work

5th August 2010


Did you know that by using the latest data technologies you can improve the response rate of your direct mail campaigns  by 300% and cut the associated creative costs by 50%? You too can benefit from innovative and targeted direct marketing campaigns for realistic costs it’s just a case of knowing how.

Getting the most out your own sales data and data captured from your website can automatically create profiles of your prospects and segment them to ensure maximum engagement with the highest possible level of response and ROI.

It’s no coincidence that the direct mailings you receive from the larger corporates and retailers are completely relevant to you, your lifestyle and interests. It’s a scary thought, but they know your age, personal circumstances, the car you drive, what you earn, what team you support and what wine you drink!

These techniques apply across the board. Whether you are a B2B or B2C online retailer and want to promote your products, or you’re a professional supplier promoting your range of services. Initiating the process of data gathering can be time consuming, but once the mechanisims are in place, sending communications and eNewsletters to all your clients and prospects will be fast, cost effective and rewarding.

Just imagine how powerful a professionally designed website with a clear sales route and data capture forms which in turn feeds mailing lists would be for your organisation.

Design Inc have implemented integrated direct marketing processes for the Aviation, Energy and Conference & Events industries.

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