Introducing our first AI-generated blog article.

Introducing our first AI-generated blog article.

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With the dramatic rise of AI technology providing marketing agencies with unlimited amount of content, is this a welcome benefit or worrying hindrance for their existing teams?

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cyberpunk chicken

How can AI technology help creative agencies?

In recent months, the world is starting to hear more about Open AI solutions, such as ChatGPT, which interacts in a conversational way, answering followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.
Or, image generators such as Midjourney, which can create unique imagery within seconds of a request being made.

It has been suggested that these solutions will help companies so efficiently but, by doing so, they will take the place of many seasoned professionals in the process.

Take the Sony World Photography Awards, for example. This year Boris Eldagsen took the accolade. However, he used AI to create his winning image. It took him seconds. He refused to accept the award, claiming ‘AI is not photography’ – as he hopes to create a discussion surrounding the future of art.

Even the cover image for this blog article was created using AI tools. Instead of our designers spending days to create this image from scratch, it was achieved in 15 seconds via a simple image brief (in AI-speak, you don’t ‘brief’ but rather ‘prompt’) consisting of seven words: cyberpunk chicken, colourful feathers, blue swirly background.

AI is creeping into all walks of life and, despite calls from Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wosniak and 1000 other tech leaders to pause AI development, it does look as though it is here to stay. And in Elon Musk’s words ‘to the detriment of society and humanity’.

The future is exciting but also scary. If documents and designs can be created so effortlessly, then where does that leave content and creative agencies. So, we turned to ChatGPT to tell us about the ways in which AI technology can help creative agencies?
We provided ChatGPT with the following two prompts. Here is its response…

>> “How Can AI Technology Help Creative Agencies?” <<

AI technology can help creative agencies in multiple ways:

Firstly, AI technology can assist creative agencies in analysing large amounts of data and generating insights. This can help in identifying trends, customer behaviour patterns, and customer preferences.

Secondly, AI technology can automate certain processes like creating designs, writing captions, and making edits, which can save time for creative teams.

Thirdly, AI technology can assist in personalising content based on customer data, which can lead to better engagement and conversion rates.

Moreover, AI technology can provide recommendations for content optimisation and help in creating content that is more impactful and effective.

Additionally, AI technology can also help in tracking and measuring the performance of content, which can provide valuable insights for future content creation.

>> How can ChatGPT help Content Agencies? <<

As an AI language model, Chat GPT can help Content Agencies in various ways.

– It can be used to generate creative writing content such as slogans, taglines, ad copy and more.

– It can also provide valuable insights for market research by analysing data from social media, online reviews and search engine data.

– Additionally, it can be used to generate personalised responses to customer enquiries, thereby increasing customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

– Overall, Chat GPT technology can be a valuable asset to any creative agency as it can streamline their workflow, save time and resources while improving their overall performance.

Is the future bright?
The future certainly looks bright. But perhaps scary too – especially in terms of those employed in the marketing & creative professions. AI will help certainly help agencies become more efficient, delivering solutions quickly & accurately. But the worrying downside is that agencies may no longer require (or be able to afford) teams of designers, photographers, analysts, copywriters, blog writers, social media content providers. There is no need for a team when one person can now manage it all with ChatGPT doing the legwork.
And, of course, if the client themselves can use AI to generate their own marketing content, then what need for an external marketing agency?

This is also true for branding agencies, creative agencies, image agencies & web agencies too. The better AI will be at analysing prompts & briefs, the stronger it will be at establishing solutions that fit. And this includes creating imagery, finding unique brand names, the creation of brand logos, illustrations, ad campaigns, brochures, websites, etc.
And, of course, the more that clients can rely on AI to create all that themselves, the less their need to rely on an external agency.

So, perhaps we should not just be asking ‘How can AI technology help creative agencies?’ but rather ‘How can AI technology help creative agencies survive?