How to Market a Freight or Logistics Company?

How to Market a Freight or Logistics Company?

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Design Inc is a full service creative agency based in Surrey, UK. Because we know how to market a freight or logistics company we can help you. To discuss your own requirements, please contact us now.

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A number of clients have asked us how to market a freight or logistics company.

Marketing a courier, freight or logistics company may take many forms because there are many different types of company.

So, being based within sight of Heathrow T5, it is perhaps not too surprising that we include various firms in this sector within our marketing client base.

These range from large international businesses to start-ups. Some with cargo aircraft. Some with a fleet of road vehicles. Others with considerable infrastructure or depot real estate. Because we also engage with niche firms. Clients with specialist vehicles for transport of delicate equipment. There’s are also a number of logistics outsourcing companies in the mix. These act as a clients’ transport department.

Subsequently these companies all have different offerings, position and USPs. So, like any other brief, we work to profile the target audience. We identify their pain points. We then match these with the most compelling and tangible message about our clients’ offering.


courier & logistics marketing. Advertising campaign for Global Motion

How to market a freight or logistics company

For example

Please click through to these clients’ websites:

A dynamic same day courier may be entirely dependent upon a robust ordering mobile website.


Because a specialist delicate equipment carrier may need a strong brand identity that ‘does what is says on tin’.

Carry Gently

So a consultative outsourcing provider may need to portray agility and reach.

Wallis Freight

Subsequently, you will see a diversity of approaches in our work.

How may we help you with how to market your freight or logistics company?

At Design Incorporated we offer both Design & Digital services:

Design Inc’s freight and courier marketing services are joined-up. This is because we usually end up providing a whole range of extra disciplines. Often the process starts with marketing planning. More often they go on to include events & expos, web and ad campaigns. Many clients find that teaming up with a single provider means less time spent briefing. It also helps because it reduces the need to check for consistency and accuracy.

Design Inc’s specialist team of creatives include marketing and communications professionals can show you how to market a freight or logistics company.

The breadth and dept of their experience provides our courier and logistics marketing clients with invaluable insights. Because they know what makes a strong and sticky brand. So, of course they also know how to deliver an effective freight marketing campaign.

Key courier and logistics marketing clients

Circle Express


Rico Group

Global Motion

Cargo Logic Air

Volga Dnepr

Gem Worldwide

Carry Gently

Wallis Freight


Examples of our marketing project work in the freight, courier & logistics sector include:

Strategy: Logistics marketing strategies, freight marketing plan, courier service innovation.

Branding: Start-up courier identity, freight broker logo, logistics company corporate identity.

Advertising: Logistics advertising, freight forwarding social media advertising, courier advertising campaign.

Literature: Courier brand book, tariff guides, freight forwarding company brochures, logistics annual report.

Digital: Freight forwarder website design, courier app, logistics company e-marketing campaign.

Events: Freight marketing show stand design, courier regional roadshow banners, logistics marketing webinars.

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Design Inc is a full service creative agency. We focus on the sector and know how to market a freight or logistics company. We are based in Surrey, UK. To discuss your own needs, please contact us now.