Global Reach, International Appeal

Global Reach, International Appeal

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Celebrating 25years this year and still based in Staines-upon-Thames, Design Inc consider their reach far far beyond the town in which they are based. With clients in many countries, our creative work is seen all around the world.

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When Design Inc first set up back in 1997, we were small and very much local, not the global creative agency we are today.
Our clients were relatively small too and much of our early projects were for local businesses, much as one would expect with a new design agency. Roll on 25 years and, whilst we continue to work with clients based locally, our reach has extended far beyond our home town and county. And country, come to that.

Recommendations from satisfied clients saw us gradually extending our reach outside of the local area and, because we’ve been able to specialise in certain industries, we’ve found ourselves working with a wide variety of clients around the globe. Some were international divisions of our UK-based clients but many were from direct enquiries from overseas businesses.

Over the years Design Inc has become a leading design and marketing agency for the aviation industry and have built a very impressive portfolio. This includes aircraft manufacturers, suppliers & FBOs.
We still look back with fondness at an early account win – gaining Bombardier Aerospace as a client and, with such a big brand name in our portfolio – and being able to demonstrate that a UK agency could service a major client in another country (in Bombardier’s case, Canada) – it became possible to actively pursue other aviation clients. The rest, as they say, is history.

For many years now, we have been kept extremely busy supporting our clients at industry events such as Farnborough Airshow, the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva and the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) in Shanghai.

Whether it is aviation, offshore, healthcare or venue marketing, we shown that we understand the industry. We have shown our creativity, the quality of the work we produced for others and the breadth of services we could provide. In short, we impressed, those initial meetings proved fruitful and our client base grew.

Where haven’t we worked?

As a global creative agency, contemplating all the different countries in which our clients are based is quite something. Alongside our many UK clients, our international clients are dotted all over the world, including European countries such as Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Malta, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Monaco. Heading further east, we have clients in Singapore, China, India and the United Arab Emirates. And across the Atlantic we have a number of clients in the USA and Canada.

The very nature of our clients’ business means that the work we produce, be it traditional print communications or digital, can be seen in multiple geographic regions. Take just one campaign we produced for France-based Airbus, for instance. Invited to pitch for an advertising campaign on the strength of our work with Bombardier, we won and developed a highly creative solution. The campaign was seen by the aviation audience all over the world and enabled us to get our name out even further.

Whilst we still regard ourselves as a relatively small team, we are proud to say that, after 25 years we are truly a global creative agency.
One day, we may even sit down and work out just how many air miles our many international projects have collectively clocked up. We think it’ll be quite a big number!

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