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During this period of lockdown, Design Inc are continuing to work 5 days a week and all the team are set up to work on creative & digital projects from home providing the same high levels of service and quality as ever.

If you have a creative, digital or marketing project that you would like to discuss, please contact us on: 01784 410380
However, should you wish to contact a Director directly, please use the following:

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Brand Identity Projects

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With over 20 years experience in branding, Design Inc explain what really makes a brand stand out.

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Brand identity specialist, Design Inc have over 20 years experience in all types of branding project. From brand strategy, planning & protection through to brand naming, brand identity, brand packaging, brand guidelines. If you need support with your brand identity project, let the branding team at Design Inc help.

The image above shows a small selection of brand logos. However a logo on its own does very little. Any brand identity specialist will tell you that a brand is not just the logo – it is so much more than that. It is the way your business is understood: it is the way you promote your company message in all you do – it is your handshake, the clothes you way, the way you walk, the car you drive.

Good branding requires a perfect mix of insight, strategy, process & creativity. Whether it is purely a new product name, a company logo or full corporate branding, together we will define your purpose, map your positioning, communicate your promise and add personality. All of which will help to:

 increase the value & profile of your company
– provide your employees with direction and motivation
– make acquiring new customers easier

Our publication, The Incorporated Brand outlines our branding project process.
Moreover, if you would like to learn more about our approach and see some examples, please check out our branding portfolio.

View our Branding Portfolio

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Design Inc is a full service, brand identity specialist based in Surrey, UK. To discuss your own brand requirements, please contact us now.