Wisterm is an industry-leading, employee benefits and insurance management consultancy.  The support companies worldwide across the categories of health insurance, employee benefits, business risk, retirement planning and compliance.

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The brief

Wisterm approached us back in Summer of 2022 with a view to reposition and rebrand their existing literature over the course of a three month period. They were looking for a partner who would be able to design & publish future documents – specifically their brochures, reports, white papers and case studies.
Moreover, they were looking for a more streamlined solution for the ordering and publishing of each document as the need arose.

As well as a new design style, the work scope would include new page layout templates as well as a usable library of stylised imagery, infographics and iconography.

The approach

Our first response was to gain an understanding of the existing documentation. Working with the client, we were able to gather together a list of the various reports. From here, we could then start to compile the raw artwork where available. And this enabled us to work out the full scope of the project and to establish a suitable work timeline.

A creative team was assembled and they focused on the creation of a new, streamlined design for each of the document types. Each would utilise a different hero image on the front cover set within a W-shaped window.
Within, the page layout was formatted to be engaging and easy-on-the-eye which retaining the brand colour scheme.

The outcome

The design style was well received by the client and, with their approval, we set to work populating each document with text, imagery and iconography where appropriate.
All documents were set up for both print and digital, the latter of which were all uploaded to the company website and available to web visitors via a clickable thumbnail image.

Once the client was provided with all the rebranded and restyled existing documents, the Design Inc team has been on hand each time the client required a new one. Whether than be a brochure, report, white paper or case study.