How much does it cost to design a brochure?

How much does it cost to design a brochure?

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How much does it cost to design a brochure? It is a simple question and one we get asked many times a day. Of course, the response really should be “it depends upon what you actually want!” but the problem here is…

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How much does it cost to design a brochure? It is a simple question and one we get asked many times a day.

Of course, the response really should be “it depends upon what you actually want!” but the problem here is that, for the most part, many people enquiring do not really know what they want. Let me put this another way, they do not really know what the options are.

I caught up with Design Inc’s senior designer, Paul Goldring (aka ‘Goldie’) to get more information.

 So Goldie, how much does it cost to design a brochure?
“Well, it depends on what you want, doesn’t it, haha. Certainly something can be done for all levels of budget. Design Inc have designed brochures from hundreds of pounds to tens of thousands of pounds but we would want to know a little more information first in order to provide a cost proposal.”

What sort of information?
Brochures can come in many many formats, sizes, shapes, quality, etc. But, first of all, we would want to know what the client means by a ‘brochure’. Often what our clients calls a brochure, we may call something else; a book, magazine, manual, prospectus, directory, catalogue, etc etc. Sometimes they really mean a folder with insert sheets. So, once we understand what they mean, we have a starting point from which to move forward.
Our team are highly experienced in all aspects of brochure design and can turn their hand to any request. Creative strategy, Design, Photography, Copywriting, Translation, Illustrations, Paper stocks & samples, Printing, Binding, etc.

It is important therefore that we first understand which of the above services are required. It may be that the client requires us to provide brochure designs only and not print. it may be that the client will be supplying finished copy and doesn’t require copywriting support.

Of course, the more we know regarding the services required of us, the better placed we are to understand the resources needed.”

Can this conversation be over the phone or does it need to be in person?
“Most of the conversations we have regarding brochure design are easily carried out over the phone, and that works perfectly well for us. That said, if the client is within traveling distance, we are happy to arrange a face to face meeting with them. Ideally, we need some time to ask a series of specific questions. This can be easily done within 10 minutes.”

And what would these questions cover?
“We would want to discuss a number of areas. These include:

The Company: what do they do? What is their current position? What plans are afoot? What is/isn’t working for them? What makes them unique?
History: what marketing/solutions have they provided historically? How has this worked for them? What has led them to want this brochure now?
Clients: who are they? Who is the ideal customer for the future? How has this changed? Who will receive this brochure?
Competition: where are they in the ‘competitor landscape’? How do their clients perceive them? What are their competitors doing (differently)?
Brochure: what do they want this brochure to achieve for them? Is it more sales / better sales / more enquiries / client education / product introduction?
Design: how should the design work for them? Does it require copywriting? photography services? translation? etc.
Resources: what are their limitations in terms of design style, timescale, budgets?”

Do your clients ever ask for something unusual?
“Yes, quite often. But, then again, we like ‘unusual’. The more we can learn about it, the better positioned we will be to implement a plan to incorporate it into the brochure design project. However, having over 20 years experience in brochure design, most ‘unusual’ requests are actual commonplace to us. There is very little we haven’t heard before.”

Would Design Inc offer a pre-designed solution?
“We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Mainly because we have never come across a client who is exactly like another. Every business is unique with their own unique solutions, values & clients. And so are the brochures we design for them. It is our intention for the brochure to create a point of difference, create impact and be memorable and this is best done with a bespoke approach.

Do many of your clients ask for a cheap solution?
“There is no shame in looking for a low cost to design a brochure but the simple answer is no. As I said earlier, we can design something for all budgets, however, it is the case that the better looking and harder working brochures need more design and development time. The type of requests we receive are from clients who are already aware of this and that is why they contact us.”

Does your cost to design a brochure differs from the competition?
“Wouldn’t it be great if all brochure design agencies worked & charged the same as each other based on a common brief? But that is not the case. Each agency is different. From their hourly rates (a one-man band may charge £20 per hour. Others £80. Saatchi & Saatchi may be £350!), to the specialists they employ (a highly creative designer will cost more than than a junior), to the way in which they work (some companies have their own internal photographers and copywriters, others outsource to third party specialists).
Because of this, it is difficult to work out what the ‘average’ rate is and how we compare.
That said, over the years, we have carried out some competitor benchmarking ourselves and comparing what it cost to design a brochure between creative agencies in Surrey, Middlesex and Berkshire. What we found was that Design Inc compare more favourably than most.”

What do you think is most important for our Design Inc clients?
“To be honest, it is not solely about the cost to design a brochure but more importantly, is the knowledge they are getting ‘value for their money’. When I really think about the level of creativity, knowledge and skills that my in-house creative team possess, the service levels we provide to our clients, the problems we help them solve and, more importantly, the results that these brochures deliver, I know our prices provide a very high value for money.”

Can you tell me some of the brochure design services that Design Inc offer?
Of course. The list is wide and varied and we can split this into the following:
Products: brochures, books, magazines & newsletters, reports, directories, 
Design: strategy, creative, photography, illustration, copywriting, translation
Print: lithoprint, digital print, screenprint, binding, lamination, materials, foiling, varnish, embossing, packaging
Marketing: audience search, Data acquisition, fulfilment, despatch

How many brochures have Design Inc designed?
“Hundreds! We have been going for 20 years and one of the very first projects we undertook in our first week was the design of a corporate brochure. In fact, I cannot remember a time when we didn’t have at least one brochure design project in the studio.

And what would you say to someone considering having a brochure designed?
I would suggest that the more information they can initially provide will help narrow down the options they will receive. They need to ask themselves what is important to them. What do they really want the brochure to do for them?
It is crucial that they feel they can trust the creative agency they approach. Ask to see some examples of the brochures the suppliers have designed.
Of course, my team are always happy to provide some advice should they want it. We do not charge for a chat and there is no commitment from either side.”

Who would they call?
I am more than happy to chat with anyone but I would suggest the first point of contact would be our Client Services team who will have an initial chat with you and provide the initial advice you will need. Our Business Development Director is Frank Norman and he can be contacted on 01784 683000 or email him at

Thank you Goldie for all your help here. Finally, can we see some examples of your work?
“I was hoping you were going to ask me that. Please find a link through to our latest brochure design portfolio

So, if you were wondering how much does it cost to design a brochure, we hope the above helps. Why don’t you contact Design Inc now to discuss your own web requirements further. Please contact our Business Development Director, Frank Norman by email or by calling 01784 683000.

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