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2000-2009 A Design Odyssey

31st December 2009


Here’s a scary thought: it’s been 10 years since we celebrated the Millennium. I know, I know, it scared us too when we thought about that. It makes you wonder just what we have all done in that time, doesn’t it?

Well, we have to say that Design Inc has had a memorable ten years. Ten years ago, the company comprised of:

  • one member of staff
  • five small clients
  • a cheap computer
  • a fax machine
  • a pantone book
  • a strong self-belief

Today, the self-belief is still very much present but the company is so different with a number of design awards in our trophy cabinet, some very talented designers, marketers & programmers, a digital design studio, a web division, many fantastic clients and a clear idea of the direction in which we are heading for the next ten years.

Inevitably, things will continue to change within our industry during the next decade;

New communication tools will come, some will go (our fax machine has not delivered a message in the last 4 years!). We expect to see websites become easier for the individual to build themselves, but new search engines will make SEO techniques invaluable.

Online printing tools like blurb, and digital print machines will sadly reduce the number of traditional litho printers.

Advertising media will continue to diversify as more and more programmes & films are watched over the internet and mobile phones.

Design Inc are ready for all these changes and more. Of course, we don’t know all the changes that will happen in the next ten years, but we relish the opportunity to embrace them, whatever they may be.

So, as we say goodbye to the noughties and slip quietly into 2010, perhaps we should spend the next few moments reminiscing about the past ten years. This is what we have all been talking about during those years:

Afghanistan, Al Quaeda, Basra, Beyonce, Big Brother, Blogging, BNP, bonuses, Broadband, carbon-offsetting, Da Vinci, dead soldiers, Digital, Dubai, Dubya, Ebay, Eminem, Enron, Euro, expenses, Facebook, global warming, Hadron Collider, Hannah Montana, Harry Potter, High Definition, High School Musical, Hurricane Katrina, ice caps, iPhone, iPod, Iraq, Jacko, Leona, Lewis, Lord of the Rings, Maddy McCann, Mars Exploration, megapixels, New Orleans, 9/11, Obama, reality tv, Recession, renewable energy, oligarches, open source, Rooney, scandals, smoking ban, space tourism, Take That, Terrorism, Tiger Woods, tsunami, Twitter, World of Warcraft, World Trade Centre, YouTube

If you think I have left anything out (and I am sure I have), please add yours into the comments area below.