Why we need community-based courier networks.

Why we need community-based courier networks.

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With the demand for next day deliveries at an all-time high, our streets are being clogged up with courier vans spewing out greenhouse gasses. Residoo may just be the solution. Design Inc are proud to support the Residoo team.

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Last Wednesday I needed to wait in for a delivery. My courier delivery was scheduled for 10am. It didn’t arrive so I waited some more. And more again. By 4pm, it still hadn’t arrived.
At 5pm I received a text confirmation that it had been delivered, along with a link to a photo showing my package outside someone else’s door.
I didn’t recognise the door or even the dog-loving welcome mat the package was sitting on. But what I could recognise in the photo was that my package had been manhandled in such a way that I could see some of the contents through a huge rip in the side.
The package contained half a dozen magazines. Design Inc had designed them for a customer and I had asked the printer to send me some file samples.

The contents were not expensive, rare or highly important but, even so, they were mine and I wanted them. Unfortunately, the courier had other ideas and thought that it would be best to deliver my package to a stranger instead. Maybe it was addressed wrongly (although I doubt it), perhaps he/she couldn’t find the address, or perhaps they just made a mistake because they were overworked.

Either way, my story is by no means unique. You hear it all the time, people moaning about their deliveries;  “…my package was late!”, “…my parcel arrived broken!”, “…my delivery never arrived!”, etc.

The fact is, delivery demand is outstripping supply. E-commerce has risen dramatically over the past ten years. Web developers are ensuring mobile sites are faster than ever before, making the e-commerce process ever more speedy and convenient. In the UK alone, online shopping currently accounts for approximately 3 billion pounds every month. And this is still growing dramatically. By 2025, it is expected that UK annual e-commerce & mobile commerce sales will rise to 103 billion pounds.

But, with the demand soaring, so too is delivery expectation. We buy today and expect our deliveries tomorrow. And, this expectation is causing serious issues with courier companies who are struggling to meet these demands. But it’s not just the problem of late, missing and broken deliveries. More deliveries mean a lot more vans on the street, carrying much more packages, creating even more congestion and spewing out more greenhouses gasses.

We obviously need to change the way we deliver. Welcome to Residoo.

Since 2021, Design Inc has been working closely with Residoo, a community-based courier network. This is a solution simply made up of local people (we call them the ‘Residooers’). They take parcels from the courier in the morning and delivery them at a time that’s suitable for the recipient. The benefits are many;

– as Residooers live locally to you, they will already know the streets so wont get lost.
– using the app, you can arrange the exact time / location you want to take delivery.
– because Residooers will be provided with the small, light deliveries, they can deliver on foot, or on bike. This helps reduce congestion, emissions as well as keeping them fit.
– this is the gig economy so approved Residooers can do as many or as few deliveries as they like. Whether for a steady income or just pocket money every now and then.
– Residooers also take your returns, removing that stress from you too.

When we were first introduced to the founding partners who explained their vision, we knew we wanted to get on board and support them as much as we could. At that time, the partners had the vision, the passion, the drive. But they lacked the budget. So, we made them an offer.
We would support them with the creation of the new Residoo brand identity and first WordPress website. Moreover, we would create an explainer video so they could get the message out to potential new Residooers and start to build their network.
What we asked for in return, is for us to be their chosen agency after the concept had really taken hold and when they (hopefully) had huge marketing budgets.

Fast forward to early 2023 and lots has happened. The brand identity is complete, the website is launched and the explainer video sits pride of place on their home page. Our involvement here has included included creative strategy, design development, web design & coding, storyboarding, scriptwriting, animation.

Already, the concept is gaining traction. Big players in the logistics industries are seeing the benefits of plugging into the Residoo network and are looking to invest. Moreover, the Residoo app is soon to be completed and added to the App Store – this will link up the courier companies with both the Residooers and the end customers.
And, as this is gaining pace, so is the marketing budget. Design Inc look forward to be working on more digital assets as well as national advertising campaigns

Residoo seems to be an all round, better delivery solution for our planet. And one we know will take off in a huge way.
If you would be interested to become a Residooer or would simply like to learn more, then please watch the explainer video above or visit their website.