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Brochure design specialists

28th November 2014


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A selection of brochure design work completed recently for aviation, IT and built environment clients.

As an integrated agency and brochure design specialists – coffee table books, annual reports, magazines & newsletters are just some of the corporate literature projects we relish and love to immerse ourselves in.

Many of these publications are created in digital form only, whilst others give us the opportunity to explore and experiment with different printing techniques and papers. Typically, brochure design specialists will always be able to help you with advice and guidance on the effective use of format and pagination, themes and a narratives as well as best use of imagery, illustrations, quotes and sidebar features – all to help tell the story in the most effective and compelling way. Making your project areal page turner.

The sequential page by page structure of a specialist brochure allows the design to develop a series of rhetorical touch points. A website can of course guide users – but a book intuitively evokes an understanding that there will be a beginning, middle and end in the way the subject and messages are conveyed. Introduction, main content and summary – – possible strong conclusion.

Brochure design specialists will take you through the whole project process – brief, concept, structure, editing, design, typography, imagery and diagram selection and development.
The brochure design specialists may also provide print management services including  proofing,passing the project on press and additional quality assurance services. The environmental impact of the project can be assessed and reviewed. Many brochure design specialists work closely with printers in the  use of solvent free water based inks and the use of papers made from trees that have been farmed responsibly our completely sustainably sourced.

To discuss the environmental impact of your next printed project,

For more information on our brochure design specialists services please contact one of our brochure design specialists.