The appetite for digital marketing services is all consuming. Whether for advertising, commerce, communication, education or entertainment, Design Inc is one step ahead to ensure the strongest digital marketing strategy.

Aviation rebranding

We have been building websites for over 20 years. That is a long time for this medium and, during that time, websites have changed dramatically. Not just in the build and functionality, but also in the way that the users interact. The appetite for digital solutions is so powerful that the digital landscape is an ever changing environment. Consumer requirements change so quickly that digital designers have needed to become more sophisticated in the delivery, security and effectiveness of their solutions.

The Design Inc digital marketing strategy team includes UX designers, information architects, server administrators, security experts, search engine specialists and social media champions – all working together to ensure we continually deliver the strongest digital solutions.

Apple’s introduction of the iPhone changed a lot. As more and more consumers bought smartphones, functionality became hand held and consumers once again king – demanding instant gratification. Search engines needed to deliver immediate answers and companies needed their websites to seamlessly engage the smartphone user in order to advertise their wares. They knew the consumer was no longer loyal as they could now more easily and quickly find a competitor.

And with the transfer of monies becoming instantaneous, online retail grew dramatically. Tens of thousands of online retailers selling the same product. And, with competition so rife, companies now need to stand out from the rest. And this is where we come in…

Digital marketing services


Since 1997, we have designed and built websites. Back then they were a simplistic digital presence. More style over content. These days, websites need to do so much in order to stand out from the rest.

We ensure the websites we build work very hard. All are designed beautifully as well as responsive for all mobile devices. They have a very strong presence on search engines, are robustly coded with high security in mind and are built with a flexible WordPress content management system to enable you to quickly and easily and make your own edits.

And, should you wish for us to host the site on our secure servers, well, we will happily do that too.


Email marketing

Email Marketing

With the whole world connected and constantly online, email marketing provides the optimum solution when you are looking to quickly and cost-effectively  advertise to your target market and measure the reach of the campaign.

When done well, the sending of personalised and targeted advertising through eMarketing can provide a measured return on investment. Moreover, with everyone having instant access to their emails, wherever they are, the impact window is always open.


Social Media

Reaching your users in their social spaces is a key part of joined-up marketing. Social media marketing campaigns are a key opportunity to influence your customers. The way people communicate and seek information is evolving and so the way your brand can now reach out is fundamentally changing too.

Included within our digital marketing services, social media marketing campaigns have now gained widespread adoption and acceptance. Whether you are a small or medium enterprise or a larger organisation with multiple and different audiences, there is a social media opportunity to be capitalised upon.



Search & PPC

Having a great online resource is one thing. Making it findable is another. Search engine marketing will ensure you are truly competitive in the search engine rankings and making your website, product or service found more quickly by your target audience. Whether it is simply an SEO audit or the implementation of a full Google Ads campaign, we can provide the online search solutions to ensure relevant traffic is constantly driven to your site. Our regular measurement and monitoring reports will help keep your SEO campaign on track.


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