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Customer Data

How do you build customer preference for your brand? How do you make sure that when prospects are at the point of decision they choose your brand? The answer to both comes from customer data mining and data driven insight.

We believe that customer data planning begins with offering relevance to customers – giving them products and services that meet their wants, needs and expectations. It requires a commitment to engaging the customer on the basis of what is best for the customer – not what is best for the brand.



Loyalty is a much abused word in marketing. But it’s true many companies strive to achieve that often championed goal of customer loyalty. The vast majority of brands do not inspire true loyalty amongst their customers.

However, there are exceptions such as;

  • football clubs and their ardent supporters
  • lifestyle brands like Harley Davidson where customers will commission a tattoo of the brand logo and the brand can define a way of life
  • aspirational brands such as Apple inspire a committed fan base with their cutting edge innovation.

So perhaps the first question you should ask is do your customers show their loyalty to your brand, in the truest sense of the word, and brand themselves?

Customer Data Mining

Customer Data Mining

One of the key ways to engage customers effectively is through relevant communications.

A scenario where you put the customer first in the communication process, so that your brand will become their first choice.

Customer communications as a principle are neither good or bad, it is how you use and create them that determines their success.

Customer data mining is changing the competitive business environment and realising the potential commercial benefits of insight as a driver of innovation. It also provides the solution to irrelevant marketing communications like junk mail.

How effective use of customer data and loyalty programmes are generating stronger bonds between consumers and organisations around the world.

A world where customer marketing is empowered by detailed customer insight.

Measurable Value

How We Create Measurable Value

Our work helps companies put the customer at the centre of every decision.

All our work starts with data. We primarily use sources that reflect behaviour, such as transaction card data, where the consumer has voted with their feet, but also overlay research, media and online data. We then extract insight from this data that helps tell us what action to take.

We personalise the brand experience by enabling our clients to deliver a more relevant offering to each customer, both in communications and both on and offline. This helps our clients demonstrate their loyalty to their customers.

We work with clients to change the organisation, embedding the principle of customer first into their everyday decisions and ways of working.

Customers repay this approach of putting them first by buying one more product or service one more time. This increases sales and profit margin and grows tangible value for our clients.

For more information on our customer data mining services please speak to one of our client services team.

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