Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy

Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy

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‘Your Local Pharmacy’ – healthcare services brochure for Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy

When it comes to the creation of effective healthcare literature, Design Inc leads the way. Over the years, we have supported many healthcare & medical brands with their printed and online literature. From medical equipment manufacturers such as IBA, Tanita and Starkstrom, to healthcare service providers such as NHS and BUPA.

But we are not just here to help the corporates. We also look after a number of smaller, independent providers. And that included Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy

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healthcare services brochure for Tower Bridge pharmacy

Not just a local pharmacy

Not only does Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy provide the full range of neighbourhood pharmacy services & products, it has developed into a wellness specialist – providing the very latest in medical wellness testing, personal consultancy and advice on maintaining, improving or returning to health lifestyle strategies.

To bolster their marketing strategy, the pharmacy approached us to build up a series of A4-sized wellness literature to showcase the wider ranging services they provide to the neighbourhood and, more importantly, further afield.

This including a 48pp healthcare services brochure, a 20pp lifestyle & wellness guide and a series of 4pp brochures relating to homoeothapy, DNA testing, Covid testing, sexual health and travel health services.

healthcare services brochure Tower Bridge pharmacy

A range of healthcare services

The hero of their literature was the comprehensive healthcare services brochure which we designed to a high-level creative style, incorporating dynamic imagery of their products, services and general lifestyle messages.

The designers established a beautiful, unique style that would appeal to all visitors to the premises: unassuming, high quality, engaging. And, from that initial style, they were able to create secondary level design for the accompanying literature assets.

Each brochure benefited from litho print and finished with matt lamination to the covers.

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