The Society of Underwater Technology

The Society of Underwater Technology

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The Society of Underwater (SUT) is a membership organisation bringing together companies and individuals within the underwater technology sectors.

With a growing number of localised offices around the globe, they needed a new website with a powerful content management system to enable them to provide some the differing needs of the global membership.

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Building a membership website

The website design project began with a scoping session with the client at HQ (UK), followed up with a questionnaire to individual branches so that we could fully understand the different needs of each office.

This led us to the realisation that each main branch should be responsible for their own information. And so, the website was built in such a way that each branch had its own section on the site that they could edit via a secure content management system.

The website was build in WordPress and the CMS was structured & limited in such a way that each branch could break away from the brand style.

When building a membership website, it is important to ensure the member gets the information they need in as simple a way as possible.
In SUT’s case, there was a lot of information to be shared both generally and per branch, and this included:
Membership joining forms & payments
Membership listings (companies & individuals)
News & events / event bookings
e-commerce / marketplace for selling publications
Committee personnel and meeting minutes
Education, resources and jobs

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