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Sheridan Maine

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Web enabled brochure for Sheridan Maine

Not all brochures we created are designed for print. These days, a large percentage are for digital use only. But, as the appetite for digital brochures has grown, so has the ability to make them work digitally.

Recently, we supported recruitment specialists Sheridan Maine with a truly digital experience – a web enabled brochure – and this would serve to position them ahead of their competition.

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Salary Survey

Sheridan Maine is a specialist accountancy and finance recruiter within the UK. As with all recruitment agencies, building client relationships is key to their ongoing success, and this requires constant hard graft and continuous client engagement activities.

As part of their ongoing marketing, the company carries out and publishes the results of an annual salary survey brochure. This has traditionally been done as a printed publication and utilised as a face-to-face presentation tool. Until now!

Due to the pandemic reducing face-to-face meetings as well as reducing companies’ recruitment activity in general, Sheridan Maine approached Design Inc to create a better, more engaging solution for their brochure.

Introducing the web enabled brochure

Our solution was to create something that was able to push the boundaries of digital brochure design and to better engage with the reader. Introducing the web enabled brochure.

Designed and powered by Indesign ‘In5’ software, the web enabled brochure is so much more than a digital PDF. Instead, it is one that is built like a website and therefore can be responsive to different screen sizes. And because you are viewing on screen, it can feature smooth image movement, on-page animations and even videos playing on the page.

Moreover, as it works like a website, there is so much more that can be done to make it a more immersive reading experience such as having hidden sections & hot spots which come alive when clicked on.

Bringing web functionality to a brochure

For Sheridan Maine’s salary survey, we added subtle movement on all pages, with the main background image slowly zooming in, on-page content appeared on the page at different times.

In addition, although the publication was designed to match its horizontal A5-sized predecessors, we were able to code the pages to release even more content simply when an arrow (acting like a ‘read more’ button) was clicked.

Finally, we added some animation to the infographics pages so as to make the infographics come alive.

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