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Prima Marine

Corporate brochure

Prima Marine is a market leading company of Marine Bunkers Trading and Physical Supplies – supplying to marine bunkers in UAE and Pakistan sea ports for more than 40 years.

Having approached Design Inc for marketing support, one of our first projects was to set out a clean and disciplined overview approach to their printed collateral As such a major overhaul was undertaken for their flagship brochure. The colour palette of the contemporary branding provided a strong design cue and a selection of twilight photography completed the overall feel.

Brochure graphic design is one of our service cornerstones at Design Incorporated. Working within established brand guidelines but able to push the boundaries by exploring papers, formats, textures and special printing effects.

The information design discipline, copywriting and editing skills required in a fixed or linear format means that brochure graphic design has to provide a differentiating sensory and tactile experience.  The perceived inflexibility of the format provides a defined and succinct challenge and remains a very effective way of putting your proposition across.

Is paper sustainable? Most paper is nowadays made from sustainably sourced trees. The growing of European Eucalyptus groves for example provides harvested hardwood after only 7 years of growing time. And in most cases from trees that have been grown purely to be used for paper

Blinded by the site? Funnily enough, I have seen a few brochures recently that start with a page called About us and end with a page called Contact us. An approach obviously inspired by the now ingrained protocols of websites. But this is a very functional and unimaginative way of telling your story. Together we can do better. There is more of a storytelling opportunity to publishing.

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