Drom UK are a leading supplier of the highest-quality saunas, steam rooms and spas. Having supported them on previous creative projects we were asked to design a series of elegant advertising that would demonstrate the quality of their range.

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Dröm UK has been at the forefront of thermal wellbeing since 2002. They are specialists in the design and installation of luxury, bespoke thermal rooms in both the residential and commercial sectors.

And, for anyone who has visited Drom’s showroom in Surrey, they would be well aware of the highest level of design, detail and craftsmanship they invest into the build of these hot rooms.

When the company approached us for the creation of an elegant advertising campaign to product each of the three products we knew our solution needed to be powerful and beautiful.

Creative brochure design

Elegant advertising

The first task was a recce with both the client and photographer at the showroom and to agree on the specific products to shoot. And, once done, we arrange for models to be a part of the shoot, using the products.

For this campaign to be truly outstanding, we needed the photography to lead the design. And, we were not disappointed.
Some shots used single models others used them as a couple.
Ultimately, the ad campaign consisted of three core adverts and each helped us to focus on a different feature of the build:

Refined:  elegant style & form
Defined:  high attention to detail
Designed:  designed around the consumer’s needs