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Drain-Jet Robotics

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‘No-dig Technology’ – company brochure design for Drain-Jet Robotics 

Surrey based Drain-Jet Robotics  are the UK’s leading specialist in the field of environmentally-friendly drain and sewer renovation. Founded in 2018 and a leading member of the Water Jetting Association, they are the only company in the UK using ultra high pressure water jet robotics to remove concrete, tree roots, scale and debris from drains & sewers.

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Drainjet Robotics brochure design

Creating the hero

Drain-Jet Robotics approached us for help in the creation of  a new company brochure that would serve to showcase their specialist services and products.

Our first job was to get under the skin of the company – to understand their approach as well as their USPs. And, it quickly because obvious that, because they utilise & deploy two specialist robots, that we should market them as the true heroes of the company and design the brochure around them.

So, we set to task sifting through the multiple (often poor-quality) product imagery the company had available….

DrainJet brochure design

The ‘big picture’ company brochure design

In the field of time-sensitive drain and sewer renovation, good, high-quality imagery is never high up on the priority list. Moreover, images that depict a clean and dirt-free environment are impossible to come across. Because of this, we made the decision to design the brochure with a ‘big picture’ style in mind where a small handful of images were needed.

This style of company brochure design serves many purposes. Not only does it only rely on a handful of imagery but it also brings a feeling of authority and confidence to the publication.

Using cut out images of the two ‘hero’ robots – named Bruno and Bruno Mini – on the front cover, this less-is-more approach to the company brochure served to position Drain-Jet Robotics as experts in their field. And that is exactly what they are.

Drain-Jet brochure design

Printing the brochure

The company brochure design style leveraged the Drain-Jet red as the leading colour and will simplistic yet effective page layout within, the relevant content could be positioned perfectly to suit.

The copy within the company brochure was taken from the company website and, where necessary, improved to establish more impact.

Finally, we moved the brochure to print. this was printed lithographically onto good quality stock and will matt lamination to the outer covers.

Furthermore, and in keeping with the hero approach, we added a spot UV varnish over the image of the main robot, Bruno, on the front cover

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