‘Drink without dropping your guard’ – sports equipment advertising campaign

Boxing Clever London UK approached us for help in the creation of a sports-related advertisement to promote their new product – Fraqua®️ – a drinks bottle that could be held by those in big gloved sports.

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The first ever patented drinks bottle for big-gloved sport

Boxing Clever is a niche manufacturer, set up to manufacture, sell and distribute specialist sports related equipment.

The company was formed in early 2020 when the owner recognised that those in big-gloved sports had trouble in using the standard water bottles available to them.
Either they had to remove their gloves or rely on others to squeeze the water out into their mouth.

Market research backed up the owner’s belief that they was a gap in the market and so, quickly put plans in place to create a prototype product which would enables a boxer (or any big gloved sports person) to keep hydrated without taking their gloves off or struggling or help from someone else.

Introducing Fraqua®️

With this new innovation, the owners knew they were onto a winner and the brand Fraqua®️ was born.

Once the prototype was created and product testing was carried out in many boxing clubs in the South East London, the company approached Design Inc for help in the marketing of Fraqua®️ and specifically the creation of an initial advertising campaign to appear within specialist sports magazines, such as The Ring.

In early 2021, an initial (virtual) workshop was held where the Design inc advertising team were able to get under the skin of the company and to understand its brand values. This would help us shape the creative direction of the advertising campaign.

Sports equipment advertising

Knowing the publications and their audiences, we knew the design of the advert needed to be powerful to pack a real punch to their discerning readership! It was clear to us that this would be best served through a dedicated photoshoot of a boxer who would appear powerful, agile, streamlined and confident – all the brand values of the product itself.

A series of shots were commissioned through a well-known sports photographer with a champion boxer in a gym in Kent.

The photography brief would see a series of shots of the boxer in various poses. Sometimes in action, other times relaxed. But always confident. Moreover, the shots included the boxer positioned next to the bottle, sometimes holding it and sometimes drinking from it.

The end result was a powerful series of adverts which has already led to a large number of orders.

The Fraqua®️ bottle is the first ever patented drinks bottle for any big-gloved sport. Moreover, it is the only drinks bottle to have gained Licensed accreditation from the International Boxing Association.

FDA approved, environmentally friendly, dishwasher proof – it is the essential hydration tool for any self sufficient athlete.

Licensed by Boxing Clever London Ltd, orders can now be made via