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"Design Inc took time to understand and challenge not only what our communications strategy was for BancPay but also how the market for this new service operates. What they provided for us was a good quality solution that achieved our global marketing objectives and added value throughout the process."

James Silcock, Marketing Director, BancTec



BancTec is now a global leader in business process outsourcing (BPO), providing financial transaction automation and document management services for organisations seeking to drive efficiency in their financial and back-office processes. With offices across Europe and clients in 50 countries, BancTec leverages its proprietary IP and deep expertise to provide flexible, focused solutions across the financial services, insurance, healthcare, utility, transportation and government sectors.

Design Inc has been working for BancTec for over a year now. Our first task was an extensive brand development project – defining creative templates for all marketing collateral. More recently we have been supporting a major new product launch – BancPay represents a major investment by BancTec and a committed move into cloud based electronic payment services. The new launch campaign includes a major new website, a demonstration video film, e direct marketing, social media marketing and printed marketing collateral as well as internal communications.


The BancPay service has market competition from similar schemes being set up by financial institutions who may be more household name brands associated with financial services and security. BancTec are not a household name and more associated historically with hardware and software rather than service. As well as a feeling of innovation this campaign needs to have a big company safe pair of hands feel.

The BancPay campaign required the creation literally of ‘a whole new world’. The new business model being a service rather than the hardware, software and solutions that the company has previously provided. The world of BancPay is formed of a joined-up ‘line’ of networks. The payment service is provided to banks, shared service providers such as accountancy firms and well as large corporate users and SMEs.

The new extensive website www.mybancpay.com is the main marketing asset and visiting the site enables users to view the introduction to the world of BancPay movie. A further series of 10 ‘how to’ videos are in production. The service launched Q2 2013.

The design concept is based on a contemporary style of simple line illustration which is animated and embellished in Flash and video formats. An on screen presenter walks through the world of BancPay interacting with the environment as he demonstrates the benefits of the service.


In launching BancPay, BancTec are competing with a different set of players. Setting up the core proposition that BancPay is being provided by a safe pair of hands in the industry, an IT provider with the financial understanding and connections, the software and hardware experience and technological know how to support this service platform. There is a lot to gain and a lot at stake. Our work is currently being used in a series of international briefings and reviews both internally and with key development prospects in each region.