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Website creation software – is it worth it?

28th March 2011


It is interesting to note that website creation software is being promoted more often than ever before yet professional creative website designers are all experiencing record number of requests for web projects.

For those who are unfamiliar with the internet, certain website creation software is available to help design and publish good-looking websites with ease. Selecting from a library of text styles, interface template graphics & multimedia options, website creation software is ideal for anyone, regardless of computer programming ability.

Over the past couple of years, the market for website creation software has seen interesting growth with more and more individuals willing to pitch themselves up against professional creative website agencies.

It is certainly true that there are significant cost savings to be made here, but that is not necessarily the sole reason behind why website creation software has been created. Individuals, be they marketing professionals, technophiles or beginners, want the flexibility and challenge that comes with creating something themselves, for themselves.

And whilst this market is set to grow further, the creative website design agencies are not worried. For them, they realise that standard website creation software is missing some very important aspects, namely the true experience & expertise they employ:

  • The strategic marketer is able to quickly understand the inherent values and strengths of the company and uses this knowledge to formulate a strong digital marketing plan.
  • The creative designer has a discerning eye and uses their creative skills to develop truly outstanding website designs.
  • The photographer has the right equipment, creativity and methodology to develop the best imagery to promote a company’s product & solutions.
  • The SEO specialist understands your product, your market strengths, your competition, and is instrumental in attracting relevant visitors to the website from various search engines.
  • The creative copywriter works closely with the SEO specialist and easily finds the right words to best promote the company and its products/services to the right audience.
  • The website programmer understands the most appropriate, secure code to use for the situation and is on hand to make alterations with ease.

A great website intertwines all the above specialisms and more. It can promote the brand of the company, raise its profile, attract relevant visitors to the website and communicate with its customers. More importantly to many businesses, it can bring in real profits. And this is where website creation software currently falls down.

Of course, website creation software can certainly help you make a website, and for a fraction of the cost a creative website agency may charge, but based on the question ‘would you prefer to save money or make money?’, we know what most companies would say.

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