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Venue advertising campaigns

14th November 2014



It’s been a while since we’ve blogged about our hospitality and venue advertising campaigns. A quick flick through the Square Meal Directory gives an instant overview of the range of common styles of venue advertising campaigns that tend to be adopted. Broadly speaking when the venue is mainly associated for something other than B2B meeting space – then this will be featured in the advert.  Museums and zoos, as well as theatres and visitor attractions are good examples of this approach. When the venue is an institution, or other historical edifice – only known for its historical significance or period interiors – you will usually find images of the rooms. If the venue is Modern in style then it will be promoted as a blank canvas. If the building is deemed to be unattractive – and this is very subjective of course, then you will likely see images of the views from the building not of the building.

Of course this is a generalisation! But on closer inspection you will see these trends. In reality there may be nothing wrong with these approaches and true, no-one got fired for commissioning one of these venue advertising campaigns.
However tapping in to the unique potential, personality and atmosphere of a venue through a creative venue advertising campaign will be more emotive, more evocative and hence more effective. Many venues simply wish to show their spaces empty or set-up for a gala dinner – perhaps thinking that this is as good as giving the venue booker a tour. We beg to differ and feel that a venue advertising campaign featuring an image evoking the essence of the space is going to better capture what is on offer.

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