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The return of the unique corporate brochure

24th November 2010


Touchy feely printed mailers and unique corporate brochure projects are having a bit of a revival!

In the face of digital everything, a unique corporate brochure can achieve stand out creatively by your target audience receiving something really intriguing or special. This becomes a bespoke gesture and project and should feature print production values matching the business proposition. What about sustainability? I hear you say – well yes and I read that story in Campaign about the high tech Landrover CRM mailer that went down like a lead balloon too. Truth is, if the recipient is targeted and proven to be genuinely interested in the message contained in a unique corporate brochure printed on resources that are sustainable or recyclable what’s the harm?

A unique corporate brochure can involve interesting cardboard engineering, new printing techniques and special effects, material textures, binding methods and formats can all contribute to impact and if the design theme is a metaphor for the message too then so much better. At Design Inc we have recently designed and printed some very special branded and individually assembled boxes for the extremely tailored marketing of an executive jet presentation preloaded onto an iphone to a luxury brand. These DM pieces were varnished with branded messages and also protectively packed in bespoke recycled cartons. So a unique corporate brochure can really set you apart, engage intrigue and entertain – and combined with a digital or online component truly provide a memorable brand experience for head and heart.

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