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A New Bombardier Strategy for Corporate Branding

17th May 2011


Thinking inside the box

Customer relationship management and building brand loyalty in the world of private corporate jet purchase goes a little beyond the expectation of your usual incentive direct mail, corporate gift or giveaway. Owners and prospective owners of a Bombardier Global jet expect a whole different level of treatment – and they are used to it.

Design Inc applied experience in both direct mail incentive campaigns and strategy for corporate branding to introduce the new range of world leading Global aircraft and the Bombardier’ I Am Global’ strategy for corporate branding to the Middle East Business Aviation market place. Specially invited airshow attendees delegates received a hand delivered and rather striking item of ‘direct mail’.

Boxing clever, Design Inc devised the ultimate tailored shirt makers box with the dream contents to greet prospects and clients. The contents included a gold plated iPod loaded with the new I Am Global movie, and a personalised invitation to the corporate Bombardier booth for hospitality and a gold plated concierge services membership card for the duration of the show.

Dressed to impress, the MEBA ‘survival kit’ uses Bombardier’s new strategy for corporate branding elements, the ‘Be Global’ initiative’ and Bombardier corporate values. This is one direct mailpiece that simply refuses to be ignored.

The I Am Global initiative, spearheaded by the new Global product family is a commitment to world leaders: that they may continue their life mission, uninterrupted and without compromise.


“The values of the Bombardier I Am Global branding campaign: Creativity, Performance, Ingenuity, Technology, Community and Leadership have each been demonstrated by the design style and contents of our MEBA (Middle East Business Aviation) incentive direct mail campaign. Beautiful, top rank strategy for corporate branding. Bombardier loved it, and so did their clients!”

Daniel Gilbert – Managing Director

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