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Seasonal promotions

11th November 2014



Comfort and Joy. Design Inc seasonal promotion for Wood Group included a Christmas card developed from the initial fonts from the client brand identity.

The holiday season is fast approaching and you may have already started thinking of seasonal promotions to promote your company and, at the same time, thank your clients for their loyalty over the last 12 months. This will, of course, position yourself for a continuation of that business goodwill and income in subsequent years.

It is by no means not too late to get something organised by way of a seasonal promotions, whether this be a greeting message or corporate gift item. If this can support your proposition or brand values then great and if it is something that will stay on the desk or wall for some time – like a calendar – then even better.

At Design Inc we have won awards for our calendars and many of our blue-chip clients invest heavily in their seasonal promotions and campaigns. These are dispatched across the marketing, cultural and geographical regions of the world. A seasonal promotion still works hard and earns strong ROI.

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