Surrey Police Launch Hate Crime Campaign

Surrey Police Launch Hate Crime Campaign

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This week, Surrey Police have launched their latest public information campaign, designed by Design Inc, to highlight the message of Hate Crime.

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hate crime poster artwork

Public sector advertising campaigns have three characteristics: identifying an objective, finding the message that will help achieve that objective and communicating that message to the appropriate audience.

This week, Surrey Police have launched their latest public information campaign – this time to highlight the message of Hate Crime.
Once again, Surrey-based public sector advertising specialists, Design Incorporated were called upon to create & deliver the campaign which will be supported by outdoor, print and digital media.

Design Incorporated have previously supported Surrey Police with successful advertising campaigns for other highly sensitive issues such as Domestic Abuse and Child Sexual Exploitation.

The public sector advertising campaign sets out to highlight the various strands of hate crime through a series of adverts and to reinforce the message that Surrey Police take these crimes seriously.
Hate crime is defined as those which are committed against someone because of their Race, Religion, Disability, Sexuality, (Trans)Gender or Alternate Subculture.

The launch of the campaign was strategically timed to coincide with Pride weekend and the many local and national events taking place at that time. And, the first advert in the series will naturally focus on the strands of transgender and sexuality.

Frank Norman, Business Development Director of Design Incorporated comments: “The Hate Crime campaign needed to focus on the core message. And, we quickly came to realise that this was not about the type of hate crime committed but rather that all hate crime in general (no matter what the strand) is unacceptable.

That said, we were fully aware that the advertising would run at different times, to different audiences and so we had to make it flexible for change – to suit each audience type.

Our solution was simple – and to do so, we needed to strip the design back to basics. No creative or manipulated imagery, no clever or confusing text – just a single person looking straight to camera wearing a Stop Hate t-shirt standing in front of a creative graphic background.

We initially devised the Stop Hate logo and had these printed onto pure white t-shirts and worn by a series of people through the course of a dedicated photoshoot. The background of the advert was added at a later stage and devised to compliment the appropriate strand of hate crime.

In relation to the strands of Sexuality & Gender, this advert used a rainbow background but new background styles have been created for the other categories of Race, Religion & Disability. These will be unveiled later in the year.

Hate crime campaign focusing on race

Design Incorporated is a full service creative agency and public sector advertising specialist. Founded in 1997 and based in Surrey, they provide a full range of print, digital and OOH advertising solutions.

The agency has a proud relationship with Surrey Police, having supported them on a number of advertising campaigns. This has included difficult subjects such as Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Abuse and Coercive control as well as campaigns regarding cannabis candy, burglary prevention and recruitment. Example of these campaigns can be seen here.

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