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Design Inc. picks up where Metal FX metallic inks leaves off

14th October 2009


Anyone who has looked to enhance their corporate identity through professional creative design may be familiar with the Metal FX metallic ink printing process (which is basically the over printing of full colour inks onto silver ink to create a knew metallic depth to standard CMYK colours).

Not all however, may know that the Metal FX company is no longer trading and therefore able to supply their own brand of metallic silver printing inks to printers and creative design agencies in the UK.

Middlesex design agency Design Incorporated are able to use their own choice of metallic silver inks to create the same unique look and feel as Metal FX without the price tag. So if you would like to add something special to your next brochure design, business card design or whatever corporate design project is coming up next then let us know and we would be happy to explain the process to you further.