Interview with a Design Inc Client: Walsh Group

Interview with a Design Inc Client: Walsh Group

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As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, we have interviewed some of our clients. Read what Walsh group had to say about us.

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To commemorate Design Inc’s 25th anniversary, we reached out to some clients and asked them to tell us about their experience of working with us.
Walsh Group are a leading specialist in Construction, Civil and Structural Engineering. We sat down with the Marketing Manager to get her thoughts on the company. This is what she had to say..

When did you first hear about Design Inc?

Back in 2019, I started working for a prestigious venue in Central London. Design Inc were the design agency of choice for that company and a colleague spoke highly of the team’s quality of work. I was introduced to them shortly after joining.

What did Design Inc do for that venue?

believe they had supported the venue since 2012 and were responsible for the creation of the printed and digital marketing literature. Design Inc had built their website, created their brochures and also the advertising campaigns.

And what about Walsh Group?

I moved to Walsh Group in 2020 and I introduced Design Inc to my line manager within my second week there.

Why did you want to continue to work with them?

I got on so well with them at the venue. They were so easy to work with and seemed to understand what I was asking for, even when I know I couldn’t fully explain it myself.

If you had a shortlist of several agencies what set Design Inc apart from the others?

The whole team at Design Inc are highly personable, and always go the extra mile with your creative – they are always reliable, producing high quality and innovative creative work no matter what the size of job.

What was the first job?

A corporate brochure that was highly graphic in nature with compelling copy.

What can you recall about your first experience of working with Design Inc?

The team were ready to provide help no matter what stage of a process I was in and were highly transparent regarding al of their processes. I found them to be highly collaborative and able to interpret a brief to an excellent level.

When did you know you’d made the right decision and knew that Design Inc would deliver?

Right from the very beginning of our relationship when the team delivered ahead of schedule.

What do you enjoy most about working with the team?

That they take the time to understand the inner workings of your business as a client, and remain consistent in their efforts to exceed your expectations.

How would you describe your working relationship and how has it developed over time?

I view Design Inc as an external, yet integral part of our Marketing Team. It has only been two years since we first brought them into Walsh Group but, since that first project, we have passed so much more their way. They never let us down and we trust them to look after us for many more years to come.

How do they add value?

Design Inc always go above and beyond a brief by suggesting additional innovative ideas, which is especially helpful when deadlines are tight, and stress is high, having the extra creative brains and eyes for sharp design is a god send!

Any memorable moments to share? Or projects that have had significant impact?

We have recently conducted a rebrand and Design Inc have been an integral part of that, our collateral is looking amazing and our clients have certainly noticed!

If someone asked you why you work with Design Inc (or why should they choose Design Inc) what would you say?

If you’re looking for a reliable agency who hits the mark every time – Design Inc is it! – the people are also great to work with.

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