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Looking for an Inner London Creative Agency?…Why?

2nd November 2009


Q: What’s the difference between a Central London based design agency, and a design agency based just outside Greater London?

A: About 15 miles.

We have noticed in the last few months that companies are deliberately choosing to moving away from the Central London based design and marketing agencies for top level creative projects and integrated marketing campaigns.

It seems that no longer is there the belief that the ‘telephone number’ fees are offering more value for money.

They’re asking themselves:

  • Are their brand, logo designs and associated marketing strategies going to work better?
  • Are their advertising campaigns concepts more effective?
  • Is their website design going to be more compelling?
  • Is the ROI likely to be higher?

And they’re right to think twice. It’s not just the City based creative houses which offer designated account managers, high levels of customer service, and award winning creatives producing innovative and engaging concepts delivered in detail through digital and offline media.

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