Everyone is Welcome in Nottingham: a hate crime ad campaign.

Everyone is Welcome in Nottingham: a hate crime ad campaign.

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Hot on the heels of the Hate Crime advertising campaign we recently delivered for Surrey Police is a new ad campaign created specifically for Nottinghamshire BID (in association with Nottinghamshire Police).

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Design Inc is proud to have delivered another public information advertising campaign focused on the message of Hate Crime.
Having seen the work Design Inc had provided for Surrey Police’s own Hate Crime campaign, Nottinghamshire BID (Business Improvement District) approached us to design & delivery their own advertising campaign.

Nottinghamshire BID were looking for an unique and powerful visual message that would complement their new hate crime ‘charter’ in the city. The campaign needed to highlight:
a) that hate crime is not acceptable and would not be tolerated in the city
b) information regarding how victims could confidentially report the crime
c) that Nottingham is a safe city to visit & enjoy

Nottingham BID wanted us to focus the message specifically on the night time economy (NTE) which would cover pubs, clubs, restaurants, gigs, takeaways etc.

Our goal was three-fold:
Firstly, to create and develop a design concept for their ad campaign.
Secondly, to establish a new brand logo that would encapsulate the charter throughout the city.
Thirdly, to roll out a number of marketing assets which would include:

  • advertising (to appear both in print and digitally)
  • posters (to be seen at bus, train and tram stations)
  • leaflets (which would be handed out around the city and available at over 300 venues)
  • social media campaign (focusing on 18-24 yr olds)
  • website landing page (which would feature the specific reporting information)

Design Inc was responsible for all design and copy of the campaign and, initially proposed three separate design concepts for consideration.

For all, we had chosen to use the phrase NO PLACE FOR HATE as a main message. This phrase has been a common theme for hate crime advertising up and down the country and, as we felt it was very powerful as is, there was no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ here.
That said, we used the phrase as part of the campaign logo. Here, we styled the words and placed within an open, square frame with  corners acting as outwards arrows to depict the ‘four corners of the city’.

The client opted for a design concept which simply showed the No Place For Hate message styled within a simple image, each one depicting a different NTE venue type. Each benefitted from the same strapline: Everyone is Welcome in Nottingham

There were four advertisements within the hate crime ad campaign and each depicted a different aspect of the night time economy:
Drink‘: focusing on pubs & clubs
Food‘: focusing on restaurants
Music‘: focusing on live events
Travel‘: focusing on transport in & out of the city

Drink‘ was the lead advertisement of the campaign. This depicted the No Place For Hate message restyled as a beer brand and positioned on a bar’s beer hand pump. Simple, clever and effective.

The other designs in the ad campaign followed a similar theme. The message was individually styled and positioned on a restaurant menu, a band’s drum skin  and also on an ‘access-all’ travel card.

Coinciding with National Hate Crime Awareness Week, a Facebook reach campaign was launched to promote the No Place For Hate message to 18-24yr olds across the city and linked back to their web reporting page.
The Facebook campaign had been set up as a 5 tile carousel to run for 4 weeks non-stop and with the initial tile swapping at the start of each new week.

This campaign was a pleasure to work on and we are very proud to have been able to support another organisation with such an important message.

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