Design Inc selected to support the Refugee Response Index

Design Inc selected to support the Refugee Response Index

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The Refugee Response Index is a global document which aims to analyse countries' response to the various needs of refugees and asylum seekers. Design Inc are proud to have been selected to support.

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With the global focus currently on the refugee situation (and not just in Syria and Afghanistan), Design Inc are proud to have been selected to provide design & publishing services for the Refugee Response Index program – a global assessment initiated by DARA. Our involvement covers all layout design, templating and artworking services for the guidebook and questionnaire publication. Because of this, we thought we should provide a little information regarding this initiative…

From Afghanistan to Zaire, more than 70million people have been uprooted by conflict, persecution, disasters or poverty. These people need assistance and protection from countries assuming their moral, legal and political responsibilities. These days, restrictive refugee policies are growing increasingly common. More than ever, there is a crucial need to uphold the refugee protection system.

So, how can we find out how countries are behaving towards refugees?

Founded in 2003, DARA is an independent non-profit organisation committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of humanitarian action for vulnerable populations affected by armed conflict and natural disasters.
In conjunction with global partners, practitioners and experts, they have developed the Refugee Response Index (RRI), which aims to analyse countries’ response to various needs of refugees and asylum seekers, such as protection, health, rights, education & integration.
Funded by the European Union, the RRI includes all countries with refugee populations as well as those contributing to sustaining the global refugee protection system, in an effort to consolidate and improve information in a meaningful way and also to dispel the myths related to refugees.

DARA’s work on the RRI commenced in 2017 with the preparation of a background document including preliminary identification of the elements relevant for shaping qualitative and quantitative indicators. From the outset, the RRI was conceived as a comprehensive index of countries’ responses in relation to refugees.

Selecting Design Incorporated
The RRI uses collaborative and consultative tools to support its development and implementation. This includes the creation of:
Survey: an online consultation to the refugee expert community. The results provide a basis for fine-tuning and weighting of the RRI indicators
Guidebook: providing the basis for data collection, measurement of responses and review.

Design Incorporated were shortlisted in 2020 and, following a successful proposal, were selected as the preferred agency to help in the design, development & artworking of these tools. We look forward to seeing the finished product.

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