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Corporate Branding Strategies Unravelled

11th November 2010


It is fair to say that corporate branding strategies have become digital centric. They have become more complex and multi-faceted. In fact, business-to-business corporate branding strategies can now also be more user-targeted. A digital brand can have a face for each of its different audiences whilst maintaining core values. A digital brand allows design flexibility and the ability to be reactive to market and audience insights. Profiling of your users through website stats can provide valuable information on who your brand is engaging with and what they are doing when visiting your website.

New clients within the financial services, recruitment and automotive sectors have recently adopted Design Inc corporate branding strategies. Brands borne online can be conceived with the media in mind. The limitations of printed versions of a logo and brand identity design can be addressed as a secondary task while the opportunities of the digital realm for corporate branding strategies can be fully explored for creative user engagement and brand differentiation.

Many of our long term relationships with clients have included working closely with internal teams, reviewing and evolving corporate branding strategies as historical brands have been digitally developed and enhanced to become a fully functioning dynamic online presence.

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