Celebrating 10 Years of Designing ‘Subsea UK News’

Celebrating 10 Years of Designing ‘Subsea UK News’

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Subsea UK News is a quarterly magazine published by Design Inc on behalf of Subsea UK, the governing body for the UK's subsea sector. This month celebrates ten years of us publishing the magazine.

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examples of magazines produced for Subsea UK

Like the music industry, magazine publishing appeared to be one of the earliest casualties of the digital world, with online piracy undermining publishers and authors. But, over the years, it has become clear that the old is not necessarily killed by the new, the two have learned to exist side by side. And, in some cases, print has made a significant come back as more and more of us re-engage with the tangible as opposed to the virtual.

Company magazines and industry newsletters are two such cases in point, where, over the past 4 years, demand for printed issues have grown significantly year on year. And we, for one, are glad to see this resurgence as we recognise the need for organisations to re-engage with their audience, encouraging a sense of community, continuity and advocacy through relevant content.

Company newsletter and magazine publishing & design service
Design Inc have been providing magazine publishing services to our clients since our beginning back in 1997. We are proud to have worked on hundreds of publications during that time and, although print, publishing and distribution processes have changed during that time, the methodology behind the creation of a successful publication remains the same:
make the content interesting, relevant and engaging.

A Decade of Delivering Subsea UK News
One particular publication created by the Design Inc team is Subsea UK News, the well-respected industry magazine produced by Subsea UK, the governing body for the UK’s subsea industry.
This magazine is published three or four times a year and we are proud to announce our involvement with this publication has now been going for ten years. Another great milestone!

10 Year Facts & Figures
1386 PAGES printed
over 2500 ARTICLES created
over 500,000 WORDS written
over 2800 IMAGES used
250,000 STAPLES – weighing as heavy as a bowling ball
Towering 370 METRES when stacked on top of each other – as tall as the Empire State Building
over 26,000 SUBSCRIBERS per edition

Subsea UK News began life as a newsletter with a circulation of less than 1000 and then, after a significant rebrand in February 2012, as much more dynamic, relevant and advertising-friendly magazine which enjoys a circulation of over 26,000 per edition.

Dan Fearon, Communications Coordinator and Editor at Subsea UK says “We have been using Design Inc’s design & publishing services to produce the Subsea UK News magazine since its first edition. Design Inc have been instrumental in helping transform it into the professional, leading publication in the subsea sector that it is today.
From the consistently high quality creative front cover design to the content formatting, imagery, illustration and page styling within, they do it all. They even support many of our Members with the design and creation of their advertisements.”

“Newsletter and magazine publishing is one of our core services” says Frank Norman, Business Development Director at Design Inc, “we support a large number of companies across a wide range of industry sectors with the design and print of their publications and have been doing so for many years. What is important here is the fact that we have set processes in place to ensure everything runs smoothly.
For most of our clients, their magazines or newsletter are a regular thing so we have already booked time in our work schedules and, as such, we will have provided each client with a timetable for each element of the publishing process. This includes deadlines for content, advertising, proofs, etc and enables us to always deliver the final publication on time, on brief and on budget.
I am proud of our close relationship with Subsea UK and especially the Subsea UK News magazine and it is great to see this relationship hitting the ten year milestone.”

What is your favourite cover design for Subsea UK News?
Check them all out here and let us know.

Design Inc provide the full range of publishing services, including:

Copy writing 
Illustrations and infographics
Article strategy
Printing (we encourage the use of sustainable and FSC accredited suppliers & materials)
Distribution (and data)
Digital and/or interactive versions

For more information on our company magazine publishing services please contact our Business Development Director, Frank Norman