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New Website Design for Econic Technologies

August 2016

Design Inc delivers another new website design, this time for Econic Technologies – a young and fast-growing chemical technology company that develops and commercialises novel catalyst technologies to build carbon dioxide into polyurethanes and other polymers. The underlying catalyst technology was developed at Imperial College, London. A team of scientists led by Professor Charlotte Williams laid the […]

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Reach prospects directly through a LinkedIn advertising campaign

November 2012

Are you making the most of your LinkedIn network through a LinkedIn advertising campaign? Would you like to raise yours and your company’s profile amongst your target LinkedIn group and maximise on your social media & online marketing efforts? Creating a LinkedIn advertising campaigns is a targeted and cost effective marketing solution. Only your ideal […]

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Website social media specialists discover ‘pinteresting’ way of increasing traffic to your website

September 2012

Website and social media specialists have discovered that many users are setting up a new way to organise all their online scraps, cuttings, inspirations, mindmaps, moodboards etc. Check out our new Design Inc Pinterest bulletin board at www.pinterest.com/designincuk/ But there is more than this to Pinterest Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board where users store […]

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How does social media management work?

December 2011

The latest issue of the Design Incorporated online newsletter ‘Social Club’ features some key recent social media management projects. We showcase how our clients across a range of B2C and B2B sectors are embracing social media management. We’re also a sociable bunch and you can find out more about what extra curricular activities we get […]

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Search Engine Friendly Web Development

July 2011

The Charter Company’s New Search Engine Friendly Website The Charter Company is a leading provider of the full range of private business jets and commercial airliners for Ad-hoc charter. This sector is a busy marketplace with a wide range of players ranging from major international charter brokers to small boutique broker firms. Design Inc has […]

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How do creative web developers work?

June 2011

The latest issue of the Design Incorporated online newsletter ‘Web Freaks!’ features some key recent digital projects from our team of creative web developers. In addition we now offer a Web Audit Service that you may consider before committing to investment in a new resource. Look out for our next issue in the Autumn that […]

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Attract record number of visitors to your website

January 2011

January 2011 saw the 6th month in a row where Design Incorporated had set record website visitor numbers. For years now, we have always attracted significant numbers of visitors to our website but with visitor numbers increasing dramatically month and month – so much so that they are now double what they were only 6 […]

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HOW TO?… Optimise your website for Search Engines

April 2010

Why SEO? Search engines provide the majority of traffic to websites across the internet, regardless of website focus. Therefore, if your site cannot be properly located and indexed by the leading search engines, you are missing out on the best opportunity to drive targeted visitors and potential revenue. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation or […]

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Looking to set up an online retail business?

February 2010

Here’s some suggestions for your shopping list… A great commercial proposition, what are you selling? Something hard to find elsewhere? Something individually customised, collectors items, something unique or specialist? A search policy that enables your customers to find you. What have you got to sell, what does it do for purchasers, on what occasions would […]

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How Does your Website Rate? Image versus Content.

November 2009

The best designed websites are more than just great design alone. The content, although often overlooked, is even more important. Check out what the experts say…

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SEO or no SEO?

September 2009

Being website specialists, we speak to many people week in, week out regarding their businesses and their on-line plans. Whilst all want to make a success from their businesses, when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we can so easily place these companies into one of two camps. those who are happy to invest […]

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February 2009

We hope you liked our story about us winning the Flair Pool award, but didn’t you notice the anagrams?: Flair Pool awards FPO Rallio Pollofair House

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