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Catching the First Wave!

1st April 2009


How do you lead your business in the current market?

A key challenge that business owners and managers face in the current economy is timing your response to the market and then bringing your team with you.

Shirlaws Business Coaching are holding a seminar on the 9th of July in Reading which will provide a perspective of leading your business through challenging times and ensuring you maximise the opportunities available to you.

For you to catch the first wave in the recovering market you and your team need to be ready to move at the right time and with the right tools.

Specifically this seminar will:

  • Look at the current market position and how this impacts your business
  • Assess how prepared your business is to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the current market
  • Understand internal and external indicators to support you in timing your growth investments
  • Bring your team with you – consider how to lead in challenging times

For more information, please contact Design Inc.

Catching the First Wave!