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Is dissecting the branding process the holy grail of design?

1st March 2016



When pitching for a company’s branding project, we are always asked what the branding process is to achieve the finished brand. And, this is a fair question. Clients need to understand that we do not just create pretty images/logos/styling just for the sake of it. There is always reason behind the branding process. However, explaining that creative process to a non-creative client has never been easy. So, we are pleased to have created a new branding process infographic which summarises the core stages of our branding projects.

At Design Incorporated, design is incorporated in everything we do. Yet, meaning behind the designs are what makes a brand stronger, credible and dynamic. The branding process infographic can be found within our educational document ‘The Incorporated Brand‘ which dissects the branding process into six stages:


Most projects require some activity under each of these headings. However, the amount of time and hence client investment needed within each stage can vary widely based on the number of identified sub-stages required and the number of stakeholder groups who are brought onboard for the ‘branding journey’.
Sometimes a bigger budget is required because of the level of detail in the process and management of the processes. On other occasions more of the available budget can be channelled into the strategic or creative development. All branding projects are a combination of process and deliverable. There is much value in both as the client team and employees gain engagement from the alignment stages.

Design Inc is an integrated business to business specialist. We provide total joined-up marketing and branding consultancy. Our expertise lies in differentiating B2B brands and distilling their essence and points of difference into meaningful and tangible benefits for their customers. Our ability to do this for multifaceted propositions and benefits sets us apart from other agencies. Our work creates marketing cut-through for our clients.

At Design Inc we offer a boutique team comprising of strategists, creatives, developers and project managers. Our task, as illustrated in the branding process infographic is to equip clients with an engaging brand, consistent and effective assets as well as a delivery plan to apply the brand to their marketing and communications plans.

To have one of our consultants talk you through our branding process infographic please contact our Client Services Director Frank Norman

To view our branding portfolio showing work created through the approach described in the branding process infographic please click here