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Augmented reality – some great examples

30th June 2010


Following on from my last post about augmented reality examples,, I thought I’d share with you even more examples of this amazing new communication tool.

Making your business card design really stand out.

Even Lego have embraced this tool. See 3D versions of your model before you buy.

A great tool for your next augmented reality hallowe’en party. Swapping heads with a rat.

I’ve got a few magazines in my car. Here’s how to fit a car into a magazine.

The car right in front of you is a Toyota.

Should have gone to the augmented Specsavers.

Bringing your trading cards to life.

Making your tattoos come to life.

You can even try this for yourself. James Alliban’s webpage allows you to print an AR code symbol and try it out on your own webcam. You’ll be amazed.

We hope you enjoyed seeing these augmented reality examples.