An interview with a long-term client: Surrey Police.

An interview with a long-term client: Surrey Police.

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To celebrate Design Inc's 25th anniversary, we interview one of the company's long-term clients, Surrey Police.

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To commemorate Design Inc’s 25th anniversary, we reached out to some long-term clients and asked them to tell us about their experience of working with Design Inc over the years

We managed to get Surrey Police in the interview room. This is what the Communications Manager had to say about Design Inc and our ‘law enforcement marketing’.

When did you first start working with Design Inc?

My first project with Design Inc was back in 2014.

How did you discover Design Inc and what made you decide to work with them?

A colleague at the time knew a designer who worked at Design Inc and suggested I make contact with the company. My colleague was aware that I was looking for an agency with fresh ideas – and I certainly was, I was searching for a ‘never been done before’ approach. Design Inc nailed that!

If you had a shortlist of several agencies what set Design Inc apart from the others?

There were a couple of things – their ideas were unique, but the quality of customer service was also very evident. I found them very approachable and could see they’d be easy to work with.

What was that first project?

It was a campaign to raise awareness of house burglaries. Design Inc came up with the concept of ‘don’t let them mess with you head’ and used an image of a woman with her house growing out of her head. It still gets spoken about today, years after the campaign ran!

What can you recall about your first experience of working with Design Inc?

The whole process ran really smoothly. If anything, they had to chase me for information rather than the other way around.

When did you know you’d made the right decision and knew that Design Inc would deliver?

I knew from the very first phone call. That one call gave me absolute confidence in them, and in the eight years we’ve worked together not once has Design Inc let me down.

What do you enjoy most about working with the team?

I trust them implicitly. You cannot imagine the difference that makes!

How would you describe your working relationship and how has it developed over time?

We have an excellent relationship and it has gone from strength to strength. Design Inc understands our business and the constraints we need to work within – they genuinely care about their clients.

How do they add value?

There is a consultancy aspect to Design Inc’s service that I really value. Whenever I’ve needed to thrash out an idea, we have had some really good and constructive discussions, the result of which ensures we end up with the perfect solution.

Do you have any memorable moments to share? Or projects that have had significant impact?

There are so many it would take all day to mention them! The burglary campaign most certainly had impact, but we’ve also had giant gummy bears, puppets on a string, Lego-style people… the list goes on!

If someone asked you why you work with Design Inc – or why should they choose Design Inc – what would you say?

It’s a no brainer. Simple as that!

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