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Design Inc was founded back in October 1997. Back then, all we had was one chair, one computer and a positive mindset to become a successful creative agency with lots of satisfied clients. Twenty-one years on, we have more chairs and more computers but the mindset still remains.

Over the years it has been a pleasure to work on a number of great projects for many great clients. There are far too many to mention but, to celebrate our 21 year anniversary, we asked our team to each select one project that they found most memorable. Here are twenty such projects they have singled out.

Frank Norman

Client Services Director

Client: BancTec

Project: Exhibition stand

This was a wonderful example of a joined up campaign and it all hinged upon where the organisers had positioned their stand. The stand was on an outer edge of the exhibition hall but very close to the entrance/exit to one of the main conference rooms. So as to attract those waiting to go in and especially those streaming out, we developed an enclosed stand with an opening directly opposite the conference room. The stand was to entice them in – the stand was turned into a coffee area with barristers serving great coffee all day long. One they ventured onto the stand to get a free coffee, they were immediately engaged in conversation with BancTec staff.

Howard Bartrop

Design Inc Photographer

Client: CarGiant

Project: Photographic book

It had been announced that HS2 rail link would go through the area of London in which CarGiant is based. Some government officials even referred to the area as ‘wasteland’ which led the company to invest in a document to show just how expansive their business was. This publication required a lot of imagery. On the ground and inside building as well as a lot of aerial photography which, considering the business in on the Heathrow flight path, created other problems.

We set to work creating an image-led coffee table book that would showcase their business throughout the area of Willesden Junction. This was a fun but complex project and saw me managing the photographic element of the publication - hanging out of helicopters, sending up drones as well as organising a photographic team on the ground. The end result was a stunning visual representation of the vast Cargiant business.

David Parker

Marketing Consultant

Client: Surrey Police

Project: Recruitment campaign

Not only was it the high standard of the design of the recruitment campaign which gets my vote but more importantly the results of the campaign were outstanding, leading to an astonishing 6500% increase on the previous year’s applications.

So strong were the results that Surrey Police’s new recruits were featured in a TV series ‘Rookies’ to show what it takes to become a police officer.

The campaign design was simply, yet highly effective and focused on a Lego style character to ask the serious question ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

Lee Simpson

Server Administrator

Client Subsea UK

Project: Subsea Expo

Design Inc has been supporting Subsea UK with this flagship event for the past ten years, responsible for its branding, advertising & marketing. The project keeps everyone very busy here and we are proud to see how successful the event has grown over the years. I am personally responsible for ensuring the digital assets are working perfectly but it is great to see all the Design Inc team working closely together to ensure all marketing assets for the show (and the awards evening) are delivered on time.

Jon Turner


Client Subsea UK

Project: Subsea Target

Subsea Target was a fantastic project to work on. Prior to the slump in oil prices, the subsea sector was very buoyant and growing at an alarming rate. So much so that industry body, Subsea UK declared an emergency; the number of people moving into the industry was not meeting the future needs of the sector.

Design Inc were asked to help in the creation of a strategy & campaign to help increase flow into the sector. This was not just to focus on people with the correct skills but also to create a long-term awareness campaign for those in industry, college leavers, school children, etc. Subsea Target was born.

Daniel Gilbert

Managing Director

Client: Airbus Helicopters

Project: Global advertising campaign

It was great for Design Inc to win the Airbus Helicopters account in 2012. Actually, at that time the company was called Eurocopter and they were looking for a breakthrough campaign to promote their six different helicopter sectors (eg oil & gas, search & rescue, defense, etc).

Design Inc went up against a number of global agencies and we are very proud to say that our concept designs easily beat the competition. Showcasing a sense of scale, an image of the respective helicopter interacting with a sector-specific item. So not what the industry expected but one which created a great success for the client.

Paul Goldring

Senior Designer

Client: Royal Opera House

Project: Daytime events campaign

I loved this advertising campaign. Simple, clever and extremely effective. What’s not to like?

The Royal Opera House realised that they had a great venue which was only really being used in evenings – for opera & ballet. As such, they decided to open their doors to daytime events (seminars, conferences, training, etc) and approached Design Inc to help create an effective and eye-catching awareness campaign.

Our clever designs incorporated a business tool (eg. a pen, a pencil, highlighter, etc) into an event costume (eg. ballet dress from Swan Lake, Japanese dress from The Mikado). So clean, so simple, so effective.

Matt Thrower

Creative Designer

Client: Tesla

Project: Advertising campaign

Having looked back at a large number of advertising campaigns Design Inc have delivered, the one which stands out a mile for me is the Tesla ‘Full Scale Electric’ advertisement. And, mainly due to it’s creative headline leading the way.

The design has an image of the Tesla sitting alongside a Scalextric set. So far, so good. But, when accompanied by the creative headline ‘Full Scale Electric’, the advert comes alive. Beautiful!

Frank Norman

Client Services Director

Client: NOV

Project: Toy Story Calendar

Back in 2010, Design Inc were asked to put together a creative calendar. More than creative, this need to be very ‘clever’.

So, we looked at the company and saw that their USP was their engineers and that led us to wonder what they may have been like when they were children and what they may have played with (to get them interested in becoming an engineer in the first place). The idea of ‘Toy Story’ was borne out.

Each month depicted an engineering toy that the engineer may have played with. As the year progressed, the toys shown were relevant for an older child. Moreover, the toy the child was playing with was ‘built’ to represent one of the NOV products.

This was a fantastic example of creative design – the client loved the Lego example (of one of their trucks) so much that they commissioned us to build a number for each of the management.

The calendar was so successful that it earnt an entry into that year’s UK Calendar Awards.

Dan Moe

Head of Digital

Client: Vertis Aviation

Project: Website

Being in charge of the digital side of things at Design Inc, I feel I should highlight a digital project. The Vertis Aviation website is a prime example of a perfect website. Highly creative, full of functionality, strong SEO, totally engaging & professional. Sometimes website build projects can be frustrating as there are so many areas that need to come together but don’t. However, this website project was an absolutely pleasure to work on and I was very proud to push this live a couple of years ago.

Chris Grace

Web Developer

Client: Celsur Plastics

Project: Website

This project was nine months in the making. It was a difficult but rewarding project to work on. An e-commerce website which required so many different parts to come together as one.

Incorporating the design & build of a new style and responsive for mobile devices, a new database created from scratch, comprehensive search, photography of thousands of products, payment facility, invoicing solution, SEO, a new Content Management System. Moreover, we also built an API to link the ordering to the client’s CRM system. And, testing. A lot of testing.

Inevitably, this project required a lot of project management to ensure everything came together at the right time and we were proud to make the site live earlier this year.

This website is one of the biggest we have delivered and the current stats are very positive. Increased numbers of clients, orders, average order value & profit. The client is very happy indeed. And that is the most important thing to us.

Nick Bennett


Client: Drom

Project: Brochure

This project was created back in 2012 and it is still as relevant & fresh now as it was then. The client required a sales/project brochure to be developed to complement the opening of their new showroom of unique saunas, spas and steam rooms.

This was a two month project and one on which all our creative team were delighted to work. From an early stage we recognised the need for superior creativity and moreover, that we wanted this to bring out the creativity behind the Dröm UK team’s own thought processes. The solution was inspirational!

Simply entitled ‘Inspiration‘, this new 40 page lifestyle brochure creatively demonstrates the sights, sounds, textures, shapes that have inspired the Dröm UK team in the creation of their unique spaces. We found that their inspirations came from all around them. The shape of a shell on a beach, the colour of precious stones from a favourite piece of jewellery, a glazed pottery tile from an Arabian mosque or even the shimmering colours of the Northern Lights. All these and more featured within this highly creative brochure.

Kelly Halford

Finance Assistant

Client: Djetops

Product: Permits Global launch

In 2016, we supported Djetops with the launch of their product ‘Permits Global’ - a significant new offering in the aviation flight management sector.

The whole Design Inc team worked on their marketing materials for many months, culminating with the launch at the EBACE exhibition in Geneva this week.

Our involvement with this exciting and new offering in the aviation flight management sector was very broad. Starting with a comprehensive marketing communications plan – and continuing to include brand mission, values and tone of voice development, identity, bespoke photography as well as the creation of further brand assets such as illustrations, a range of printed marketing collateral, website, social media and app design, print and digital advertising, PR and a major experiential presence at the EBACE launch.

Steve Barlow

Finance Director

Client: Subsea UK

Project: Trade Magazines

One of the projects that I have always liked in the ongoing publishing work we do for industry body, Subsea UK. We have been creating their quarterly trade publication, Subsea UK News for over ten years now. We work very closely with the client, who provides the articles and sells the advertising space and it is our brochure team who manage everything else; creative, design, artworking, formatting, printing. It has been great to see just how successful this publication has grown and how valuable it has become to the subsea sector.

Michelle Cox

Freelance Designer

Client: Bombardier

Project: Gold iPhone

The one project which I will always remember is the one we did for Bombardier Business Aircraft many years ago. We were asked to devise and deliver a corporate gift to be provided to 100 of their clients at the MEBA exhibition in Dubai. It needed to be clever, exclusive, desirable.

The result was a gold-plated iPhone, inlaid in a high quality velvet-lined presentation box. Furthermore, an app on the phone enabled the customer to enjoy Bombardier’s concierge service free of charge for the duration of the show.

An exquisite gift – at the time when iPhones were the new ‘must-have’.

Design Inc were responsible for the strategy, sourcing, purchasing, production and creation of the app offer.

Frank Norman

Client Services Director

Client: City Diamond Exchange

Project: Sponsorship of the Autosport Awards

Many of our projects are enjoyable to work on. Some however, are so pleasurable, it doesn’t feel like work at all. As a motor racing fan myself and having worked within the sport in a previous life, this project brought me in contact with a lot of old friends and heroes for the sport.

Our client was looking to push their brand into the radar of high net worth individuals (HNWI) and specifically TV and sports stars. Our marketing strategists identified a number of sponsorship opportunities and I was happy to negotiate the deal with Autosport magazine to be one of the main sponsors of their annual awards dinner, which also provided my client with a table of ten at the event. I was invited to join the client as one of their guests with a role of introducing them to the stars of the sport. And one, I was more than happy to do as it resulted in a very successful evening’s trading for the client.

Lindsey Smith

Project Manager

Client: Maudsley Simulation

Project: Corporate rebranding

Towards the end of 2014, we were asked to pitch for the corporate rebranding of Maudsley Simulation, part of the well-known Maudsley NHS Trust. As part of the team working on that project, I am proud to say our proposal won out.

Following a couple of days shadowing the mental health trainers at Maudsley Simulation, we could see how the whole team uniquely worked together to establish their solutions. Based on the concept of busy bees: pollination, honeycomb structures, best fit, etc.

The winning concept was a thought-provoking, yet corporate brand style that was able to perfectly encompass the company values.

Rob Dobson

SEO Specialist

Client: Reduxion Clinics

Project: Website build and SEO

I have been privy to many of the Design Inc projects and especially their website projects. The one that stands out a mile for me is one which is not only highly creative but also has been extremely successful in terms of SEO. Having worked on this project myself, I know I am biased but to be honest, the results speak for themselves.

The company was originally known as Surrey Obesity Services and as part of an overall rebranding/renaming project, a new website was established. The SEO campaign we created has delivered phenomenal success – so much so that the company has grown dramatically to meet the increasing enquiries. It is successes like this that make everything worthwhile.

David Parker

Marketing Consultant

Client: IBA

Project: PowerPoint Presentation

Some clients are not aware of just how far PowerPoint can go as a presentation tool. Our client, IBA found this out in 2016, when we were asked to support them at their stand at a major medical expo. They required a high quality presentation to showcase their comprehensive QA solution to both their clients and staff.

Our solution was to create a multi-page touch screen PowerPoint presentation, which enabled the client to easily switch between applications through a number of hidden ‘hot spots’ built into the file, that lead to image galleries, videos, etc.

It is always a pleasure to provide real solutions to our client and this was no exception.

Frank Norman

Client Services Director

Client: Allied Healthcare

Project: Teabag mailer

We all need someone to share a cup of tea and a chat with don’t we? For the old or infirm living alone loneliness can be the worst enemy.

Allied Healthcare provide home visiting nurses and carers and were looking to expand their profile through a series of direct mail campaigns.

The Design Inc solution was a major success – we attached a couple of branded teabags to the mailing that the recipient could use when discussing the need for home help with their elderly relative. This was a great touch to the mailing and create a lot of interest – in fact a lot more that we had even expected.

As part of the strategy team working on that campaign, I am very proud to include this in our 20 projects.


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